V6 mustang revving high

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  1. Hi, I have a 2001 v6 mustang with 134,500 miles on it. My car has recently started revving high when I cold start it. When the oil is at normal operating temp it revvs high as well. The car accelerates at a red light, and I have to really mash the brakes to keep it haulted. I cleaned my throttle body, and I sprayed wd-40 in my IAC; it still revvs high. I also checked for air leaks. I don't think there are any because I don't hear any high pitched whistling. Any idea?
  2. I am having the same exact problem. Try unplugging the IAC while its running and see if the idle goes down. Thats what my mechanic did and he told me that because the idle went down, the IAC was bad. Ordered the part and will receive it on wednesday. ill be sure to repost my results.
  3. whistle need not be present, starting fluid sprayed around hose connections works best for me. immediate ansewer if leaking
  4. Mine turned out to be the TPS.. Still idles a little rough on startup but not at 2500rpm lol
  5. That is pretty fortunate. I am stuck between the tps and the iac. You changed the iac, right? How did you figure out it was the TPS? And my car sort of selectively revs high all of a sudden, so I am going to make a new gasket for my IAC and see what happens. Make sure you change your gaasket, that might help with your rough starts.
  6. Yes I changed the iac because it threw a malfunction code. The tps is what fixed the problem. Run to advance auto or autozone and have them check or codes. Even though there's no light that doesn't mean there isn't a code. If you can't have it checked try n replace the tps first since its cheaper
  7. I took it to autozone and both codes came up. These past few days however, it hasn't been a problem; that being the revving. So if it happens again I think I am going to start with a cereal box gasket for the IAC. I can't imagine the IAC is going bad, it doesn't seem too intricate a piece of hardware. I think mine functions alright. Maybe the TPS. But for you, were your symptoms after changing the IAC, and before changing the TPS, cold starts with high revving accompanied by erratic jumps while driving or at a stoplight? Thanks.
  8. It may not seem like it but if you look inside its basically a spring a post and a lever that opens and closes to control the amount of air passing through the engine at idle. If it sticks or malfunctions it will add more air than it needs and that in turn causes your car to add more fuel so that the car doesn't stall. It also could be a malfunction in the electrical circuit of the iac. But the tps is what fixed the random high idling. The surging at red lights on the other hand is the iac because like I said if it sticks your car will add more fuel thus causing the car to jerk forward. I would replace the tps first then if the problems persist change the iac.
  9. I know this is an old thread but I have found spraying some seafoam deep creep into the iac and then flushing it with brake cleaner works for me.