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Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by haledixon, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. has anyone ordered anything from V6 Mustang Stuff? i'm looking at these wheels here, specifically the black ones (my car's also black) - how does that price look to you folks?
  2. Go for it. Those would look sweet. :nice:
  3. The guy is great to deal with. I ordered something from him that didn't work like it should. He took it back no questions asked. I would buy from him without any reservations.
  4. Don at v6mustangstuff is a nice guy... great to work with. They also have some very good prices overall. I've ordered jba headers and duals from him. In fact, I called and asked about the duals before they were even listed on his site, since JBA had them listed. He said they were on their way from JBA and he'd put up the listing that night so I could order. He kept his word and he shipped as soon as they arrived.
  5. sounds good. thanks. new wheels on their way.
  6. Sweeeet...now u've gotta post pix .... :D
  7. Those wheels are sweet. I just got them installed today on my Silver '06 (they really match the racing stripe at the bottom). Chrome would've been almost blindingly bling-y, so I decided on the black with a set of Falken 255 low profiles all the way around. It looks nice and aggresive and got quite a few comments at work today.

    As to the actual subject matter, I've been hesitant about ordering online. Glad to hear the positive feedback. Now I've just got to save up some more money *sigh*.