V6 Mustangs most underated car (my opinion)

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  1. I swear at my school, if you get beaten by a V6 Mustang its like a curse. I could see the pre 99's (stock) getting crap, because there pretty slow. If you can beat a V6 Mustang its like your a step above something. (yet to figure it out). I was talking to some kid today

    me: hows the saturn racing going?
    kid: pretty good, im getting a sticker soon.
    me: what kind
    kid: APC ( i think thats what he said)
    me: dont get that, only ricers have that.
    ... some more talk happend
    kid: My car is pretty fast off the line, i think i can beat ur mustang
    me:what kind is urs
    Kid: early 90's SC, (i think something like that)
    me: hmm... I really doubt it, I am sure my torque is a little higher then yours
    kid: i dont know
    me: hahaha, alright man i will talk to u lata

    I get stuff like this from ricers all day. It gets old sometimes, but lightens my dad sometimes to
  2. blow em off.......it's been proven time and time again that a V6 can be fairly potent
  3. :lol: :rlaugh:

    yeah, i'm currently running a stock antenna on my car, but once i finish making payments on a new sourdough jack, i'm gonna be installing a custom christmas edition jackball. its gonna be off da hizzle wit my bizzle yo!
  4. There are a lot of ricer retards out there who think that their cars can beat our V6 Mustangs. They don't understand that our cars have MORE horsepower and torque than their cars. I don't know from where these idiots are getting their information. The Mustang V6 is hard to beat if you own a Honda Accord, Civic, Saturn or any other P.O.S. ricer car. PERIOD!

    I've met a few retard ricers of my own and they seem to HATE Mustangs. They only like cars like the Accord, Civic, Altima, Elantra, Sentra RS, Saturn, Eclipse, Maxima, Corolla, Camry, Scion, ect, ect.. When you try to make them understand and try to tell them that the Mustang is FASTER and that it has MORE Torque and Horsepower than any of the puny ricer 2 liter and 3 liter engines, they get offended. Like I really care. I tell it to them like the way it is.

    To top everything off, the ricers get more defensive and they then start putting down our Mustangs even more by saying how bad our Mustangs are built and how a Mustang's engine and transmission doesn't last as long as the engine and transmission in a Honda, Nissan, Toyota, or Hyundai and how our Mustangs are cheaply made and how they all fall apart in a few years time. To me these ricer retards don't have a clue about our cars. There are Mustangs out there that are 10 and 15 years old with 250,000 and 300,000 miles on them which are still on the roads today. I guess that the ricer retards don't know this. I myself know one thing for sure. I don't see any 10 and 15 year old Hondas, Nissans and Toyotas on the roads up here in New England. At least not many of them. If there are any up here, they are all in the junkyards and are all rotted out. I bet the ricer retards don't know this as well. :lol:
  5. sadly, a new v6 accord would tear us a new *******. atleast we look better than the 4 door accords :D
  6. Notice he didnt say Integras. :nice:
  7. cus nobody likes them (integras) j/k.... at my school i just get crap cus mine is a v6 cus theres a girl with a 00 gt, and there always like "isn't it sad that a girl's car can beat yours?" but then i just say something like "isn't it sad that you don't have a car or, isn't it sad your car sucks so much it would loose to a scooter in a foot race?"

    it's always gonna happen until you either get boost or get a v8, it's like with the ricer crowd they prolly ask guys why they got the 4 banger when they could have got the six...

  8. See, I have boost and I still get crap cause it's FWD. lol. :nonono:

    oh well. At least I can take most cars out there. :D
  9. Some people under rate them, but as for the most under rated, I really think the Cobra has it beat...typically putting down 360-380 rwhp...LS1's put down 290-320 rwhp...yet look at the stock fwhp.

    I am sure to younger people whom seem to base speed off of what exhaust tip or stickers you have, speaking #'s to them mean nothing. Only one solution, you go to the track and get real #'s so there can be no bs about so and so leaving on the count of 1 with a 3 count.

    Even if you drove my 10 second car to your school, there will always someone whom does not know his or her ass from a hole in the ground who would be talking smack about beating it in a 17 second car because he or she simply does not understand such things....and even after school...it don't get much better...some guy at work was telling me that his stratus would give my Z28 a run on the highway :shrug:
  10. By Brothers 88GT is still running strong with an un opened engin or rebuilt trans. and my brother and I romp on rice with it all the time. I've also read stories in mags. about 5.0 still running strong at 300,000 miles.
  11. Some kid in a new Civic SI said that he beat a new Lightning the other day. I was like, "was it real"? He was like, 'yea'. Lol... In that case, I have a stock 2000 L that runs 13.4's that wants a race. muahahaha....
  12. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :nonono: need to show him LT1 power. :nice:

  13. Um yeah.. "those Cobras are slow" No one would ever suspect a Mustang Cobra of being fast. :scratch:

    Here's another underrated (meaning most people think it is much slower than it is) car that is primarily owned by bad drivers:


    15.4 in the 1/4 and 60-0 in a mere 114 feet.

  14. :rlaugh: Well... if you were out of gas or something. :rlaugh:
  15. wow i didnt know that, but mustangs look better lol
  16. I beat my friends Integra GSR in my v6 so he went out and put a supercharger on it, and now it’s just slightly faster. :nice:
  17. Is it that time of the month?

  18. dude isn't even in your leeague. ls1 owns when stock, owns when modded, owns everything, owns all the time.

    man, im sounding like a camaro driver now lol. its fact tho, those 5.7 kick too much ass for their price.

  19. but i rather say i drive a v6 mustang than a v6 tiburon. jst my opinion tho. ford isn't known for their quality, but I'm not ready to hop onto the hyundai bandwagon anytime soon.

    according to that 1/4 time, that car would be able to tie a 99+ stang.
    not bad for a 6 cylinder thats much smaller. is it SOHC or DOHC?
    and is the price range similar to that of a v6 stang?