V6 Mustangs most underated car (my opinion)

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  1. V6 Mustang is an under rated car. Sure it isn't the fastest car ever but who cares? You get what you pay for with the car. It looks nice and handles well. I've never driven the 94-98 but I know that my 01 has served me very well and been well worth the money.
  2. No one is trying to be "hard". I was just stating that it was a nice gun.
  3. I still don't understand why every one in a civic or prelude hates on stangs, when a V6 stock has more power then their ****ty import, this girl wanted to race me in her auto prelude again after I punished her in 3rd gear...Now I may not have the money to get a 03 SVT stang....but I know that the top of the line stang non supercharged will still beat any ricer import...and thats all I need to know...

    Also, I'm thinkin of either two things...put a supercharger in my V6...or just get the money for a GT...which is guna be cheaper/faster?
  4. i was going to take a left turn yesterday and it was on an incline, so naturally i was rocking back and forth and little. Well on the other side of the intersection a del sol (SCARY GRRR) pulls up to take a left with a guy driving (he must have issues) and sees me driving so i see him lip the words "jack ass" to me... lol I just laughed
  5. speaking of imports.....some guy in a supra around Cincinnati thinks he owned me. I was going down the interstate with my cruise at 70, and the old boy gets up on my bumper.....blows the horn and flashes the lights. So, I move over, and he tromps the gas, and blows by me, all the while giving me the finger

  6. If someone did that to me they would be fighting me...
  7. Really.... Do some research.
  8. the lincoln ls are bad cars... they have issues all the time adn are extremly expensive to fix.

  9. Who is flamming ricers?

  10. Yeah!!! ...and Mustang's don't have the exact same V8 in them either.... :scratch: :chair:
  11. umm don't the LS's have the t-bird 3.9L v-8


    BTW my carry is a S&W 4013TSW

  12. the S&W is nice, but it was a little heavy for concealed carry
  13. Here's my S&W... :D
    We can't conceal in Missouri so this is all I can carry at the current moment.
  14. ? i just ment the car in general, they are issue prone cars i talk to all the techs at the local lot they work on them all the time, one of the guys has had to repalce a motor in his twice.
  15. I work in a auto shop so I drive alot of cars. I'm not a fan of the V6's but I will have to say the 99+ with the 5 speed and hardtops are pretty quick. They will put the newer Maxima's, Altima's, Accords, ect in thier place especailly from stop light to stop light.The newer one's don't seem to have the problems of the 94-98 models. I wouldn't mind having one to replace my Daily driver Grand Am, which is a little bit a sleeper itself.
  16. youre kidding, right? ive driven a few new maximas and tons of new accords since i work at a shop as well and ive got to disagree with you. theyll still smoke us rather badly stock for stock. they *feel* slower off the line, but thats attributed to the fwd. face it, were teh "economy" engine. but hey, if import guys mod economy cars, why cant we?
  17. The newer V6 Maximas are just as fast as my GT. I have two guys that been hanging on my tail for a while. They just don't quite have the power to beat me in a race, but they can definately keep up on my rear bumper. Sorry but they blow the doors off my 01 v6 stang.

  18. over 200,000 and still goin strong!