V6 new apperance package

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  1. Does anyone have picture of the new v6 apperance package?
  2. Here is a pic of a 06-V6 w/ Pony Package. I found it on another site. Boy those fog lights looks PhotoShopped to me !

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  3. That all looks horribly photoshopped!
  4. I agree. The grill looks like someone tired to duplicate the grill and foglights from a 1966.
  5. its not for me.
  6. I wonder if you can order that grill setup and add it to an 05?
  7. Yes, you will be able to retrofit the grille.
  8. I've got to see it in person. Wonder what the cost will be to add it to our 05's?
  9. makes it even more retro looking, I like it, but probably would go for the more simpler look of the current ones.
  10. I hope you're kidding on that $1,200. Surely the price isn't even set at this point. I was not seriously expecting an answer, just wondering.
  11. Over on TMS someone posted the same question for the pony package, they said it was $1195
  12. Maybe that's for the whole Pony Package for '06 (whatever is included in that I don't know).

    I would hope that the grille by itself would be a lot cheaper than that, but since it includes the fog lights (and presumably the wiring and fog light switch) I wouldn't be too surprised to see it retail for $500-600 from Ford.
  13. here is what the $1200 will give you

    the 2006 Pony Package! All specs subject to change!

    1.The pony package is a v6 car option
    2. Side Stripes no pics do not know if different.
    3. Running Pony Carpet Mats Front only, still no factory rears listed.
    4. Small Fog Lamps mounted in Grille.
    5. Possible new Lower Grille.
    6. Pony Emblems on Fenders.
    7. I believe at this time items will retrofit into 05.
    8. Parts will probably not be available until August.

    05/19/05 update

    2006 Model Year Mustang Order Date 05/25/05, Price List Mid July

    9. 17 inch Wheels w Traction Control Part of Pony Package.

    Also New for 2006 V6 Standard Model Coupe and Convertible with Steel Wheels and Limited option Availability
  14. Even if that's for the whole package, it sounds expensive. The floor mats are $50 to $60. You can buy the emblems for $10 to $15 each from many places.
  15. Yes its expensive, but it gives the people that want foglights what they want, and they can finance it :)

    I was hoping when they did it they would come out with larger foglights (same size as gt), but oh well. Ill still wait until someone runs into me to replace the parts :)
  16. That new Street Scene grill with fog lights is coming out soon. Looks like it should be hot.