V6 new apperance package

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  1. I'm definitely into the side emblems! I'd like to snag those for the Little Black Stang...
  2. I don't know what to think about the pony package. I like all the stuff, but am 50/50 on the grille. I kind of like the openness of the '05 but I like the fog lights of the '06. I'm not so sure about the bezel (??? metal piece) in there. Sometimes I think it's cool (mainly because it's different) but other times I think it's ugly (takes up too much space). I guess I'll have to see it up close and personal. It might boil down to how much actual lighting the fog lights give off. I do really like the side emblems. Cool stuff.
  3. Corral

    I don't like the return of the corral around the pony. One of the things I like the about the new model is that fact that the pony is riding free not fenced in.
  4. I paid 20 bucks for my foglights at WalMart, and they're pretty much the same size, bulb, etc. I guess the only difference now is the cross bar and corrall, but I can live without those.

    Side stripes on the pattern to remain the same as in previous years... thin thick thin pattern we've all see before.
  5. Geez, that grill is fugly!! :notnice: The fog lights are nice but the spacing/size of the grill’s mesh is WAY too big/wide. Looks like a chain-link fence someone painted black. And what’s the deal with the silver bar running through middle, which doesn’t even touch the sides??

    Besides the fog lights and silver pony, the rest of the grill looks really, REALLY cheesey. $1200 for that, some floor mats, stripes and emblems !!!! Give me a break. At least the $700 Deluxe to Premium upgrade gives you the Shaker 500, a 6-way power seat and nicer wheels.

  6. yea, but i think the pony package comes with a bigger front stabilizing bar and a rear stablilizing bar that comes on the GT. I don't think you can get it without the pony package. Thus performance and handling should be increased and i'd take that over a minor wierd looking grille.
  7. What Ford REALLY needs to offer is a suspension upgrade package, similar to what GM had with the “Formula” version of the Firebird. Figure all the GT suspension components (wheels, tires, stabilizer bars) for about 1G. Even better, include better springs with about 1” of drop. I would pay $1500 for that option without blinking.
  8. You're right on NJStang.. I think we'd all pay for that.. Well, actually, I dont know. I opted and bought the extreme base level deluxe just becaue I knew everything would be comming out sooner or later. So I have to wonder, what would be better.. aftermarket or GT upgrade from Ford? Hard choice.
  9. 06 Pony package has an MSRP 1195. You get a larger front sway bar, added rear sway bar(basically a GT suspension),17" bullitt wheels,ext upgrade(rear spoiler,tape stripe,grill with fog lights), upgraded floor mats, traction control with ABS. Its one helluva a bargain! I know I am ordering one in July!