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  1. Who are you?
    Where are you?
    05 or 06?
    Plans for mods?

    Since I am kind of the outsider here, I want to get to know you all.

    Since I am asking the question, I will answer first.

    Tyler. I am 30. I am married with 1 child and 1 on the way. I have been in telecommunications since 1993. I do not own a S-197 Mustang. I drive a 2001 Lincoln LS daily and my toys are a 1965 Fastback and a 1989 5.0 LX.

    Mods on the Lincoln are as follows.
    KKM cold air intake
    Magnaflo cat back
    Slotted and Drilled rotors
    EBC redstuff brake pads
    Billet grill and ghost flames

    Plans for X-cal 2
    Mods on the 65 are too many to list.
    Full suspension
    Lots of engine goodies

    Planned mods are even harder to list :D
    The 89 LX is waiting for me to finish the 65.
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  2. David - single and proud of it lol. Im a mechanic.
    phoenix, arizona
    mods: K&N intake, sct2, PHP alternator pulley.
    planned: (on order) Locker, (planned) dyno tune by az dyno chip and wheel/tires of some sort.

    Other vehicles include:
    1983 mustang 5.0 - sold
    2000 v6 5 speed mustang - sold
    2001 mustang gt auto - for sell
    2003 mustang cobra - funcar
    2005 mustang v6 5speed - daily driver
  3. Martin
    Beneath a cactus in the kitty-litter covered state of Arid-zona
    05 coupe, Mineral Grey
    Short list of mods includes:
    * MRT (Street Smart design) cold air intake
    * FRPP (Borla) single axleback exhaust
    * Nitto NT-450 tires on OE Concepts Bullitts (and BRS knock-offs)
    * Silver Horse racing honeycomb trunk panel
    * custom grill with fog lights and CDC stars-n-stripes Pony
    * Ford Mobile-Ease bluetooth
    * Ford homelink mirror
    * and the list goes on...

    Plans for mods:
    * seems like I get in trouble with the old lady every time I plan a mod (therefore I never plan mods! :D )
  4. :rlaugh:

    So true!!!
  5. Robert's Jezebel

    Robert, 32, Divorced, no children, but was given custody of one cat. :rolleyes:

    I am a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps stationed at HQMC in Arlingon, VA. I go to George Mason Law School at night and will graduate in 2008 or 2009, depending on when I get out of the Corps and can go to school full-time.

    I have a 2006 Windveil Blue w/ Pony Package with all the bells and whistles. I call her Jezebel, but NOT after the practice wife! My ex is a great lady, but she would have thoroughly disapproved of my new car! :D So I have to enjoy being single while I can!! And in 2009, a new Cobra, Challenger, or Camaro (if they get it right) will keep my Jezebel company. A SC V6 and some bonafide American Muscle!

    My current Mods are:

    • 12" Lemans Stripes
    • Roush Quarter Louvers
    • JBA Muffler
    • MMR CAI w/High Flow Tube
    • SCT XCAL2 w/87 Octane Tune
    • Detroit TrueTrac
    • Ford Racing 3.73 Gears
    • Girdle

    Short-Term Mods:

    • MAC Long Tube Headers
    • Mac Prochamber w/ High Flow Cats
    • MAC Catback Exhaust w/ 4" Slashcut Tips
    • 93 Octane Tune

    Long term Mods:

    • X-Charger w/ 6 psi boost
    • Forged Pistons (if I go to 9 psi)
    • Upgraded Heads/Valves/Seals/Cams (if I go to 9 psi)
  6. IMGA0098.jpg

    Man, I love that car! I want one with the fog lights that inspired the Pony Package so that I can paint them the same. The one I saw with the fogs was a 66. You must LOVE that car! How does she drive, or should I go to the Classic car forum and ask these questions?

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  7. Hey there... I'm Hamid. 32 and married about 2 1/2 years. No kids... just a pearled cockatiel, a bearded dragon, two Texas ornate box turtles and some fishies. I'm in Portland, Oregon. I'm a licensed massage therapist, musician and songwriter (guitar, sitar and hand percussion), recording engineer and poet.

    I've owned three cars in my driving lifetime and two of them have been Mustangs. My first was a candy apple red '68 coupe with a black vinyl top and a ragin' inline 6. She wasn't fast, but she sure was purty. She also broke down every other weekend.

    Both my parents passed away near the end of 2004. After my mom died, my dad suggested we go down to the classic car dealer, pick up a 65 convertible and go on a road trip. He knew he wasn't going to be around much longer and wanted to pass it on to me. I had clients that day and we never went. He died a few weeks later. Exactly one month after he died, I took home my auto redfire 05. He's ridin' with me in spirit and smilin' ear to ear.

    I haven't been excited about driving a car since that old '68. The 05 brings back all of those wonderful, nostalgic feelings. Doesn't matter what year ya drive... a Mustang is always something more than just a car.

    This is also the first time I've done any mods to a car... I am hooked!

    Mods so far:
    JBA titanium finish, ceramic coated cat4ward headers
    JBA duals (y-pipe)
    C&L intake
    Bamachips tuned SCT X-cal 2 (currently running the 91 torque tune)
    American Racing Casino Chrome wheels
    Pirelli P-zero nero tires (235/55/17's)

    The next step:
    Ford Racing 3.73 gears and t-lok

    Possible mod:
    Switch out the y-pipe for an h-pipe

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  8. My name is Travis, father of two (girl/boy)and 30 years old. I am in the Public saftey industry.

    I am an owner or almost (98 dollars till pay off)2000 Mustang.

    I have every bolt on imagineable and then some not thought of plus the addition of Nitrous.

    The best she has run on a 75 shot was 14.1 @98 mph. I am currently working on a radio delete mod for the sat radio installing while the interior is out a RPM window switch, the FPSS and electronic TPS.
  9. I do enjoy driving it when I do.

    The suspension is very stiff. It drives like a dump truck and goes around corners like a go-cart.

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  10. well..... John from Mid-Michigan... 42... Been married (again) for 2.5 years... Took a Mulligan on the first one... LOL!

    I gave up my life long dream of never having to change a dirty diaper... Made it until I was 40! My baby girl is 18 months... and we have another girl on the way!

    This 05 Mustang is my 2nd Mustang... had a 02 GT Vert... traded it for mini-van when the wife got pregnant... She has 2 teenage childeren... so the Mustang just wasn't going to work! LOL!

    I bought the 05 V6 because I've always wanted and old style car... and I've always wanted a Yellow Mustang... The 05 was exactly what I was looking for! LOL!

    This is the first car I've ever really modded...

    The wife hates the car... she simply calls it "The Mistress"... LOL!

    More to come... I sure... LOL
  11. Todd from Sterling VA (right outside of DC), 32 years old, will be 33 this feb. I'm a VP for Information Technology for a global PR firm. Love the work!!! Wife calls me a work aholic! In additon to IT and Stangs, I enjoy practicing martial arts, collecting wine, playing blues harmonica (and collecting blues music) and world travel.

    Pets: Dog, Huge ass malamute, 2 cats and my sons bearded dragon (named shelby, son digs mustangs!)

    Married for 8 years, have two kids, both boys, 11 (adopted from wifes previous relationship) and a 2 year old. Both are my 1st priority, 2nd priority is the Stang, Priory 1.5 is bribing my wife with jewlery, truck, house upgrades, etc to get mods for the stang. I think wife figured out she is priority 3 and indirectly 1.5, now she lobbies to put items in 1.5. LOL.

    I have a 2005 Mustang V6, previous stang was a sock 93 LX 5.0 Vert. Mods are listed on my signature. Following those, I will be doing the following:

    • MAC Prochamber
    • SC or TC, must decide soon (bonus check is comming! Any suggestions?)
    • T-Top or Sunroof (really love the look of a ttop and I know i will get crap for this LOL)
    • LCA's
    • Steeda Strut Tower Brace
    • Steeda Lowering Springs
    • Center mounted fog lights
    • New rims/tires (DR's)
    • New Sound System w/speakers, GPS, DVD, etc.
    • UD Pulley
    • New TB (when it comes available)
    • Chrome engine bay dress up caps, bolts, etc.
    • Mud flaps
    • Any suggestions?
  12. That fast back is sweet and in my book worth near a hundred k. After seeing those Barrett Jackson auctions on the speed channel.

  13. I would trade my house in for one, and become a renter. LOL.

  14. Sunroof and T-Top I can live with... I actually like T-Tops.. And that new CDC Glassback would be awesome... If they ever release it! LOL!

    What I'm chocking on is the Mud Flaps! LOL!

    I can see them now! LOL!

  15. Tom, married for 15+ years now, 2 kids, 12 snakes, 3 hermit crabs and cat. Oh, and I'm 41(WTH!).
    2005 Mustang V6 premium auto, black. Mods thus far:
    • Bullit wheels and tires
    • tint(is that really a mod?)
    • Steeda CAI
    • Magnaflow axle-back
    • SCT-2 from BamaChips
    • Zex, bottle heater, remote bottle opener, purge
    • GT grill
    • Hood struts
    • GT front and rear sway bars
    • TrueTrac, 3.73s, girdle, panhard bar relocation bracket(this week, I hope!)
    Future mods:
    • Shorty headers and dual exhaust
    • X-Charger or PH turbo
    My previous car was a '92 Mustang LX 5.0. I bought it new and was in the process of doing a resto-mod to it when some idiot totalled it. I took the money and used it as the down payment on my '05. As much as I loved the '92, I love the '05 even more. My Mustang buddies give me crap about getting a V6 but they won't race me. :owned:
  16. Oh damn you didn't!!! How did you know which ones I wanted. LOL.

  17. NICE! So have narrowed it down to a Xcharger or PH turbo? Interesting.
  18. Thanks!!!!

    First $100K takes it :D :SNSign:
  19. I know, they are completely different. I've pretty much ruled out the centrifugal superchargers. I love the idea of the low end power of the X-Charger, plus the apparent ease of install...plus I think it will look cool, lol. The turbo I like because if you don't drive it hard on a daily basis, the turbo won't kick in much. But the power will definitely be there when you need it. It makes more power than anything else out there and it would be easy to adjust the boost from 6, 9 or 12PSI. There's more to it but basically I like them both for different reasons. It's going to be a tough choice.
  20. Yea, after talking with Robert I'm wondering if I should go with 6psi first, especially since I plan on a 55hp shot of n20. I hate playing the waiting game when I have the money to do this. Oh well.