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  1. Cameron
    Longview, TX
    Torch Red coupe
    Mods include:
    Woodview Dash Kit
    IUP Steering Wheel
    PIE iPod interface
    GT Body Kit
    Roush Hood Scoop
    SSE Ducktail
    Custom paint on hood and between tail lights
    CDC Classic Chin
    Midwest Auto Gear plenum cover
    18" Boyd Coddington Smoothie II's
    Dual GT mufflers

    Wanting to purchase Midwest Auto Gear Mirror Inserts, SCT-2, GT front and rear sway bars, and rear steeda springs to level the car out.

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  2. Man, beautiful ride you have there. At 16 you must be grinning ear to ear with that car! I wish I had a car like that at 16, in fact I wish I had a car period at 16. I had a beat up old triumph motorcylce that I had to fix up.

    You must get a lot of comments on that thing from the people at your school.

  3. rygenstormlocke, thanks for the complements. I love this car and I still can't believe that I have it. I take very good care of it and people always laugh at school because I park so far out in the parking lot.
  4. And I bet people STILL park right next to you! Pisses me off!!! I will go WAY out of my way to obviously park far from the crowd, and some idiot will park right next to me. Oh, well, the joys of having a beautiful car!
  5. i had an 89 chevy celebrity that was fallin apart at 16 lol. from that to an 83 caddy elderado. Then i stepped up to my first stange (83 glx vert) and now im on to bigger and better things, but im at least on the right (stang) path now lol.
  6. Ya know the old saying about being careful what you wish for??? Having the Triumph to re-build would have been much better than what I had at 16. I had a neon orange Datsun sedan!!! :bang: :bang:
  7. That's an impressive list of mods there Cameron! :hail2:

    The body parts and paint alone are a young fortune :eek:

    :nice: thanks for sharing your car here with us
  8. LOL, yea you are right. Though back then, I would have traded you any day. I needed a car so I can take a lady out for a date. The bike got old during snow situations and wanting to go somewhere with multiple people.

    I paid $200 for that bike and fixed it with junk yard parts with a friend of mine for another $300. So at 16, I got a reliable cheap ride. Besides, the girls did dig it when I used it. LOL.
  9. Old triumph motorcycles are hard to find and cost a mint.

    Like everything else...fun
  10. heres my baby.
    Next up, Supercharger, and some guages for the junk. other small stuff too.

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  11. Hey ya'all, Rick here, 50 years young from Jacksonville, FL. Married, and just a few months shy of my 30th anniversary. 2 Kids, 1 grandson, my buddy, Tyler-Bear. Worked in my grandpa's services station back in the peek of the muscle car era, 69-71. Got to work on some schweet rides back then. Most memorable were a 53 Chevy, 70 340 six-pack Challenger, 1970 Charger R/T, 70 Chevelle LS6 454, and a 70 Boss 429! But was only allowed to pull them into and out of the bays, never got to drive'em :(

    Went into the Navy in 73 and worked on both radial and jet engines, from installation/removal out of various aircraft, to overhaul and repair, to test cell, for about 12 years. Biggest radial engine I worked on was the R3350, and that number designation is the cubic inch displacement.. that's 54.89 Liters of engine for you whipper snappers :rlaugh: Then got into computers, programming, security in 85, ArpaNet (the forerunner to the Internet) and have been doing that ever since.

    My 05 V6 Screaming Yellow Stang is my first mustang, I call her Sally and sometimes refer to her as my Mach4.0:rlaugh: ... I love the retro possibilities of her.. my all time favorite mustangs were the 69/70 Boss and Mach 1's. My mods are mostly show, but with a little go.

    • Dealer installed upgraded passive security alarm
      Professional window tint
      UPR engine bay/interior dress up kits
      05 GT take-off exhaust muffler
      Custom brushed aluminium 4.0/245 emblems & pony decals
      self-installed Custom Hood stripes and blacked out rear (ala 69/70 Mach 1)
      Boss 429 Style Hood scoop
      Goodyear Eagle RWL 235/55R16
      Custom GG Bailey floor mats
      SCT X-calibrator2 and Custom Dyno Performance Tuning
      G-Tech/Pro RR Performance Meter
      MRT Interceptor Rear Window 1-pc Louvers
      Custom rear spoiler black decal
      Sequential Turn Signals
      FRPP 3.73 gears, T-Lok, GT rear sway bar,
      Custom painted RED calipers
      AirAid CAI System
      MRT hood struts
      Midwest Auto Gear Engine Plenum Cover

    Here's this years christmas card with my Sally and her grandma!


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  12. Very impressive, and your car looks amazing. Good job. :nice:

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  13. Thanks bro, yours look schweet too :nice: - I'm still hankering for a decent chin spoiler, just can't find one for the V6 that looks as good as the ones out for the GT :( and some 16" bullet rims, so's I can keep my retro white letter tires, they're hard to find, let alone in 17" or above. And maybe after the warranty is gone, a nice S/C?
  14. I was thinking about a chin spoiler myself (although I am a horrible parker and would probably lose it in a week!!) but the one they have out for the V6 just doesn't do it for me. The Agressive Chin Spoiler for the GT looks sweet, though....
  15. CDC is the only one with them that I know off, however, you could go this route:


    It's a chin spoiler from a 70 mach 1 I think.
  16. THAT LOOKS SWEET!!! BUT I would rip it off in a week....

    Parking must be a mental block for me...

  17. Cause I have GT bumpers, I thought of getting the aggressive GT chin spoiler from CDC, unfortunately I don't trust the valet parking attendants at my building to damage it.
  18. Joey, 24, divorced, re-married, no kids but two chihuahua's.

    Origianlly from deltona, fl.. but due to the ARMY im stationed @ Ft. Polk, LA for 4 years

    2005 Auto, mods NONE.. im still lurking around till a bit morre of selection comes out. BUT everytime i read these freaking forums it makes me wanna go on a shopping spree.

    I l ike everyone plan on outragous horsepower from these things. but in realtiy i dunno. I think im wanting to go with the PHP TURBO, nd the rest of the common stuff.
  19. Frank [47] & Kandy [?] - happily married a little over a year [3rd marriage for me]. I have 3 beautiful daughters [23/21/17] from my 1st marriage. I've been in the IT field since 1982 but I'm looking to get out soon. Started a Wedding Photography business last year and hope that it starts to take off soon.

    Lewistown PA [30 miles east of State College]

    2005 Screaming Yellow

    RK Sport Cali Dreamin hood, Bassani X-pipe w/ GT take-off mufflers, SCT tuner.

    Looking to pick up the C&L CAI with new tunes from Doug @ Bamachips and then most likely chrome [what the wife wants, the wife gets :D ] wheels & tires. After that, maybe some more body mods...

  20. Any chance we met at Carlisle last year??? LOL!

    Good luck with the Wedding Photography!