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  1. OK 1st I am posting this for an older guy in the area he needs these parts gone. He bought the car used some of the body parts to fix his grand daughters car. But he said there are still a bunch of parts for sale and to call call me and ill let him know u want it, or i can give u his number. (318)780-0922(try not to call after 9pm central) He is located Hornbeck LA. Im getting the calipers and spindals off of it. So they will be gone. Also he said other then the calipers and spindals and possible shocks and struts. Its your $250 you come get it. No title!

    The parts are out of a 99-04 V6 Mustang
    Auto transmission
    rear end
    drive shaft
    fly wheel
    AC compressor and condensor
    back glass
    wiring harness
    and other parts just have to ask

    Sorry I have no pics. But like I said the body is pretty beat up. Also Message me letting me know so I can keep track of what he still has and dont have.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.