V6 people: POST YOUR PIC

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  1. curses!
    oh well, just look at my avatar, thats me.
    G-G-G-G-Geeeeeee Yuuuuuuuuuu-NIT!!!!

  2. Yeah your a hottie for sure! :nice:
  3. Here is another pic of me...

  4. I aim to please babe :nice:

    ooo a little budding romance between Billy Jean and Cleetus :nice:
  5. I think I'll take that as a compliment.. lol... What did you say about having 100 posts? it says I have only posted about 5 (which I know I've posted more than that) but I was able to paste a pic.... so i dunno.. maybe that something you could explain to me...
  6. me on one of my better days....


    lol..:p that's a REALLY old pic btw. bout 4 or 5 years ago. (i actually have hair now)
  7. :rlaugh:

  8. Hopefully the surgery went alright and the grenade has been removed.
  9. here me and a girl at our senior ball. she just did one of those spray tans soo she looks really dark. was about the thunderstorm out too so these were rushed pictures.

  10. yeah, but i still hear ticking every now and then...
  11. LMAO :rlaugh:
  12. grenades don't tick :shrug:
  13. or do they?
  14. well next time you have one logged in your forehead you can let me know.
  15. heres a pic for ya.


    And one for the ladies. :rlaugh:


    Don't laugh to hard, that was a damn hard picture to take by myself. LOL
  16. you got that white trash gone gangsta look... :rlaugh:
  17. Thats what i was going for. :shrug:

    Its hilarious. Thats why i was pissed when it wouldn't let me post. :rlaugh: Took me like 5 minutes to get the right look with my digital. :D
  18. Okay here is one of me.


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