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  1. hello all my name is luis and im new to this forums deal anyway im 17 and this weekend i was looking to get a new truck for myself and lift it up and do all of those cool stuff but my mother changed her mind and now shes gettign a g35 and i get stuck with her 00 v6 stang, they are (my mom and brother) are going to lower it, tint windows, new paint job and new gt rims but after that i want performance parts so i was curious to know if thie ris anything i can do to compete with my friends 02gt or maybe even have no competition with him any ideas?!?!?! thanx :D
  2. well... is it a manual car? if not im sorry :( lol if you have a manual and your friend has a auto it would be alot easier, if he has a manual and you have an auto.... then you have about 2 full seconds to shave off your car to be EVEN with his car STOCK. I would recommend getting rear end gears 4.10 is auto 3.73 if manual and tlok unit you can do this best buy buying an 8.8 gt mustang rear end wtih 3.73 gears (cant get 4.10s from ford) at www.gefracing.com next get an underdrive pulley, exhaust (true dual exhaust NOT just a weld in muffler) and a CAI unit from where ever. after that get a manual valve body shift kit and a tranny cooler also get a computer chip from www.fordchip.com MOST chips are POS do not get anything other than a fordchip or a SCT chip from justin at www.v6power.net after that you will want a tq converter and 75 shot you should be able to take him out pretty easy with that set up. just simple bolt ons will not be nearly enough to run what you need to, a stock 99 up gt is a 14.0 second quarter mile car, a 99 up v6 is a 16.0 manual is 15.5.

    check out www.v6power.net www.3.8mustang.com www.v6stangs.com www.corral.net for more information.

    you can also go to www.rpm-mustangs.com and get heads, intake, cam and possibly even stroke your car to a 4.2 (as F-150s are) for some very nice power.
  3. i have a auto and so does my friend
  4. then he is in the 14.5s so you have 1.5 seconds to shave off... a 100 shot and all the bolt ons along with rear end gears, shift kit (manual valve body not an electrical pos) and tq converte with sticky tires and you might have a chance.
  5. might have a chance? anythign else i can do to for sure beat him?
    i have a couple g's to spend...around 3-4
  6. Just get a Procharger (The intercooled one)


    along with 4.10's and a t-lok so you can get some traction and you will definatly take him out.
    All that will cost about $3,800 dollers which is right in your price range.
  7. Sell the V6 and put your 3-4Gs down on a GT!!!
  8. If you've only got up to $4K to spend, a procharger plus the necessary goodies plus the gears and t-lok is out. You could get a Vortech and still afford the rear end parts, but that setup wont make the power that the ATI will. It will get you almost even with a stock GT, maybe a little higher in terms of rwhp numbers. If you are trying to compete with him at the track, then I agree with the nitorus suggestion...hands down the best hp (tq too) bang for the buck.
  9. alrighty then im planing to do just street stuff with him but procharger needed things and gears?!?!? then im set?
  10. lol not enough mulla the v6 is almost paid off
  11. Just my suggestion: If you're 17, you're too inexperienced to handle much of anything. I was able to do donuts in my car prior to the supercharger and I know I'm a lot more experienced than you.

    Don't get yourself killed
  12. That's not true.

    I lived in NY for 2 years and drove a RWD car perfectly fine on ice and snow and I was 16. I could throw the rear any which way I wanted to and be able to compensate and not hit anything. Driving experience is driving experience, and is independent from age.
  13. i dont know, driving experience varies...my buddy has a '00 S-10 4-banger 5-speed and he can waste me on corners w/ my '98 stang 3.8 auto, a sports car should be able to take corners better than a truck, but he is just an awesome driver
  14. i have a 99 GT vert and a procharged 98 3.8

    i`ll take the 3.8 anyday. the 99 is basically stock but a real dog and would be lucky to do a 14.5 in the 1/4

    my vote 11psi procharger,42lb injectors,Pro-M univer MAF calibrated for the 42`s,SCT chip from justin at www.velocitymustangperformance.com
    3.73`s and a T-lok. and if you do the chip have the shift points firmed up with the chip as most shift kits except the Jerry mod are really bad for the auto because they force the tranny to do something manually that is supposed to be done electronically

    you can have all this for about $4500 if you shop around and it will get you about 280-300rwhp

    my 99GTvert barely dyno`d 200rwhp but had 257ftlbs torque
  15. I just know how I was in high school and the way all of my friends were. People are idiots and they still are......

    Granted, there are some people out there whose driving habits vary greatly.....but in my job I get to see a lot more of the young people who wreck and then complain when the cops show up and get an a$$ chewing because they wrecked from being idiots.
  16. thinking you do or having driving experience doesn't mean to act like an idiot with a car. two of my friends have died this school year because they thought they could 90 down a curvy road. please be careful. take it to the track if you want to haul ass or at least speed on a straight away if you have too.
  17. i believe im a good driver no accidents yet (knock on wood)
  18. Every teen thinks that. You should think before spending a few grand on car parts. Take that money and invest it somewhere (somewhere real like a bank, not a car). I know this kinda goes against the principle of this whole site, but here's the reason i'm saying this. If you put that $$$ into something like a 5-year CD (Certificate of Deposit), that money will have gained some nice little interest in 5 years. You will have a few grand, have probably finished college, and BE OLD ENOUGH to make decisions on what to spend a few grand on. Your car should be good enough for now, I mean you're only 17.
  19. :bs: I took my car to the track bone stock and got it down to a 14.3 with very little track experience.

    EDIT: A stock 99GT has 260Hp to the flywheel and around 220-225 to the wheels. It is by no means a dog. but im not going any farther with this, i dont want to start any wars. I just think his money would be better invested in a v8 instead of a supercharger because of the potential to make more power. (or just do an engine swap, that would be alot cheaper). Thats just my opinion.