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  1. gears, duals, heads, stroker kit? if you got the time and money
  2. You either have to spend alot of money or be able to make parts and do the work yourself, if you want a fast V6. Its very possible, but its not easy. Then again a stock GT is sort of quick but it wouldn't do a whole lot for me, so that means it would have to be modded and then you're in the same work and money hole again.
  3. how much does the gt engine cost?
  4. I think a 99+ SOHC 4.6 goes for ~$1,750 @ www.stangparts.com if I'm not mistaken.
  5. really!?!?!? wow hmm... get that daul exhaust up to the cats?!!?
  6. that`s good yours runs a 14.3. my 99 GT vert wouldn`t do that not even on a good day. of course the 3.08 gears don`t help and 3.73`s would really help.

    5.0 and MM&FF have both tested GT verts with autos that can`t do under 15 sec in the 1/4. i`ll admit 02 and up GT`s seem to run alittle better than mine. i know i do have a slow one but that`s alright i bought it for my wife anyway she really doesn`t need any more power she just loves the look and sound of it
  7. If you are asking about dual on a gt, its all the way back. personally man, i would go with the engine. I believe you could still get away with paying ins on the v6, plus you would have a few grand left over to do some very nice mods putting you in the 13s or even the 12s. While on the outside you would look like any other v6 but just walk all over most of the cars out there. Especially those ricers who think they can beat a v6 stang. But little do they know, you got a little surprise under the hood :D Honestly man, you are limited to the power you can get out of your v6 and if you have 8, then your just that much farther ahead. Like i said earlier, you can break 300Hp n/a with just bolt-ons. In my opinion, that would be the most worthwhile and gratifying way to go. (When i purchased my car, i test drove a v6 and a v8, the difference is night and day)

    But whatever your decision, i hope it works out for you :nice:
  8. Personally i think its mostly the driver. I think that any Gt 99+ has the potential to run sub 14.5 easily. you just have to be able to launch and shift well enough. I had 2 weekends at the track, with times starting in the 16's and i got down to 14.3. I honestly think i could have shaved off a little more but who knows. Im not about to make claims on times that i cant back up. All i know is a bone stock GT coupe can do low 14s easily.
    Also, 5.0 and MM&FF tested GT auto verts at 15.0 woultnt surprise me. You quite a bit heavier with the vert. and the auto trans doesnt help either.
  9. yea that does sound nice to do !!! :owned:
  10. YOU HAVE to supercharge or turbo with 8.8 rear end. ANYTHING else is wasted money. MAN at track had $4000 in MODS and ran 15.0 @ 93 BEST (Manual)

    AUTO v6 IS like 16.5-7 sec 1/4!!!!!!!!!!
  11. lol yea if you dont spend your money right or have an auto its costly to get any good times. From what I have seen the manual pre 99 OR 99 up with heads, intake's, and cam from whom ever such as rpm-mustangs.com seem to put down 225rwhp and 230rwtq~ and run 13.9-13.8's with a good driver. you can really waste alot if you arnt carful, heads, cam, intakes seem to cost around 2 grand~ the 99 ups are getting more powerful but as of now the pre 99s with heads/intakes/cam is putting out the same hp and tq as the 99 ups lol but they are slowly getting a little more hp here and there, if you can afford to put in a 4.2 crank then you can boost it up to around 260rwhp and tq of course you need a good dyno tune not a mail order chip.
  12. i say swap in a 4 banger :D of course, im biased.
  13. lol well the cars is out of the body shop now and going back in on thursday for a paint job...
  14. Hmm my first run ever down the track was 15.995 @ 88 with a 2.3x 60ft, that was with just a cold air.
  15. hehe........I guess of all people.....Justin had to start at the same point as the rest of us, and now he's putting bunch of V8's to shame.

    Props Justin