v6 stang rollin 20s

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by DraggersDreams, Nov 20, 2004.

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  1. here is my gurls v6 mustang

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  2. 1


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  3. If that car has all that money put in it, but does not have any real engine or drivetrain mods, then.....

    It's not for me.
  4. i can tell who is the redneck
  5. the flames are also on the fenders and doors .. but i don't have a good pic

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  6. i'll be done with the air ride by the next week

    anyone know where i can find a smaller strut
  7. :nonono: newb + ricer = :notnice: teh lose

    Ever heard of image tags ? You can use them to show your images in your post. Here's how it works.
  8. DraggersDreams:

    You call 98StangRidah a redneck because he states "your girls" ride is not for him with all those pretty little dress up mods. This is Stangnet's V-6 forum. Many if not most people here believe in muscle before the cutesy stuff. No offence to rednecks but, you are the one who sounds like one. Yes, your girl has a nice looking car, but sorry dude, most "guys" here looks for power before pretty.
  9. Wow...how original.... I noticed a sound system, ghosty type flames on the hood, an aftermarket fiberglass hood, and huge bling bling wheels. Post some pics when the car actually has some thought put into it. Thats the only way I enjoy show cars. That's not a show car, it's just a lightly modified mustang.

  10. tell me what is rice about it :rlaugh:
    and before u post something try looking at what u wrote (teh lose)

  11. well if ur into speed then why do u have an v 6 ur just an brokeass redneck that can't afford an v8 but hell im sure theres a few geo metros u can race
  12. i'd like to see some pics of ur car(S)

    I bet ur gsr runs 14.5
  13. buddy chill out, this isn't even your car... you're making fun of us for not having a V8? What do YOU have? not your girl
  14. i've got 96 gmc sonoma bagged with 5'' body drop ..

    so come on start hateing on me i can already tell how this forum works
  15. :nonono: Your girls' v6 look's real fugly with the 20's! :nonono:
    What can I say your girl has no taste that's why it's rice.

  16. lol..... :rlaugh: What can I say i dont have any taste ...lol u all crack me up... i guess u all have to talk **** about my car because i dont have all the same stupid **** that u all have,, everyone on this damn forum has the same **** !!!! So if u all say i dont have taste and that i dont have any thought in the car then i guess i should buy the same 17" cobra r wheels that everyone on here has!!!!!!!! And i guess i gotta try to make my V6 a v8 to be as cool as you all!!! If i wanted to go fast i would have bought a ****ing COBRA...
  17. Typical troll.

  18. I didn't make my car to be a show car. So you're not going to find any unique body mods. And my car did run a 14.5. It made many mid 14 second passes down the 1320. Oh, and by the way, when you use the word "an," it goes in front of a word that starts with a vowel. "A" is before a word that doesn't. Here's what you requested.



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  19. True, he should receive :lock: teh ban!!!!!!
  20. yuck :(

    that mustang makes me sad.
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