v6 stang rollin 20s

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  1. You are incorrect in your assumption that I can't afford a V-8 or that I am a redneck. Not that being a redneck is bad. I chose my 6 because I got in waaaaay too much trouble speeding with my 4 cyl. :D and decided that I should buy a 6 instead of an 8 due to insurance. Unlike you I try to think before I react and or speak. You will also note in my original post I was not "bashing" your girls car, I said it looked nice. I was just pointing out that you were flaming someone for giving their opinion of your girls car. Why did you post the pics. on a public forum if you didn't want approval of her car and or listen to criticism? On forums you probably will not find one without the other. I also pointed out, as you can see in all these threads that we, (Stangnet members), happen to like power over pretty. If you don't want to be exposed to the aforementioned approval / criticism stay off the boards. You seem to have alot of growing up to do young man. I'll leave you to it.
  2. Alright. Look here e-thug. Your "girls" car looks like crap. You obviously made this thread to get opinions on the car. I dont want to head to www.clubsi.com because A) my car is not an Si. It's a GS-R. B) most of the civic guys are rice boys gallore. and C) I really have no desire to do anything you suggest to me since all of your ideas seem to be prominent in that car, which I think looks like crap. My slips are two years old because I no longer race that car. My current project is my 86 Nissan 300ZX turbo. Sometimes I wonder where the intelligence in this world went.
  3. Ya know, I didn't personally attack you, I gave my objective opinion on your g/f's car and all you do is say how much of a retard I am.
    Well, I sure know where to start with you.
    1st. When you hit a pothole, you WILL have a blow out, no matter your driving style, I've seen tons of guys do it with 18's on mustangs.
    2nd. Well, ok it's A, not an, stalker body kit, an overpriced ricer body kit, probably the best ricer kit available for the mustang. Oh, and the hood isn't considered to be part of a body kit, just so ya know.
    3rd. If you haven't noticed the trend lately, all the manufacturers are starting to call trucks and the like SUVs, now let's break down this term sport utility vehicle, doesn't necessarily mean a 9 passenger soccermom killing machine anymore.
    4th. If you recall from my last post, I stated that I didn't think those flames were very good. But I have to say man, the guy that painted those flames, when I look at his car, I realize how terrible of a custom painter he really is. So he can draw a few flames, so can any joe schmoe in the painting industry. And the flames on his car were almost one of the worst set that I have seen in a few years, besides the vinyl flames I've seen you can put on yourself. Oh, but look at all the pretty colors that he can make, purples and greens and....yeah....gay. The flames that show a real artist to me are the like that actually seem like the car is on fire. I went on the Hot Rod Power Tour earlier this year in Arlington, TX and there was an '03 or '04 Black original color Mustang w/ flames, what really looked like the car was on fire, not this crap that your so called g/f has. If you wanted opinions on the car you got'em so quit calling everyone a buncha dumbasses, you dumbass.
  4. Ow, 20's? Did that come with a kidney belt? Rough Ridas!

    Might as well go with the lambo doors....heh

  5. You wanna see original, check this out. It's Dave Mattingly's civic. All the glass work was done himself and the paintjob is incredible. Many ghost skulls in the red part. This is a show car.
  6. Pot Roast
  7. are you kidding me? you started hating on 98 stang ridah! you called him a redneck!?

    It also makes baby Jesus cry.

    Heres something for you: Prop the hood all the way up so we can see your engine mods. Oh ... Wait...

    Also, no one actually made fun of your car to begin with. He only stated his personal opinion on where to start with on modding a car.
  8. Gotta love newbs that bash people for their opinions.

    Rims - anything over 18 is too big.
    Air bags - why the hell would you put these on a mustang?

    And obviously you don't know how this forum works, otherwise you wouldn't have initiated the hate.
  9. use the hood prop, sometimes people buy chrome ones that look pretty cool.

    and about why we have V6's, most of us are in our teens (i am 17) or early 20's, its a matter of what we can afford. we still have fun with these cars, and beleive it or not we can find ways to make them faster.
  10. say it isnt so! yeah, im only 17 here, i think its a damn nice car all things considered. not to knock the six, i will cry the day i part with it, but eventually i would like to get something 'a little beefier' but who knows? i might stick with this car till it falls apart, and even then i will cherish its remains. If i do get rid of it, i plan on easing my pain by selling it to my little brother, who will be turning 16 in a few years =D so it will stay arond ^_^
  11. ghostalker- you are in my same position, a kid with a v6 mustang for your first car. i plan on keeping my car as long as possible, if it falls apart, ill put it back together. dont you think it'll be cool to be 20 years from now driving around in our stangs and being able to say that they are our first car? if i financially can keep my car until then, i think im gonna do it :banana:
  12. 1 more thing, just so people dont think im against 20" rims, i think that big suv's and the new dodge trucks look awesome with 20's (especially the rumble bee, gawd i love that truck!!!)

  13. My Hemi is rollin on 20's.... but its a truck...not a daily driver commuter car like my GT is. 20's aren't practical for EITHER of my stangs.
  14. I think you should all shut up!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Leave Daggers alone ya'll- who cares if his girls' Mustang isn't your cup of tea- it is still a Mustang and he is still taking time to mod it to make it his own! They desire looks over speed- so be it- keep up the work Daggers- forget about the haters! (Though I agree, speed comes before looks- but everyone has their own opinion!)
  16. Dragger personally I think your car looks cool as hell. People here need to understand that not everyone is trying to make their car go 1000mph. Mustangs are nice looking cars as well as potentially fast and some people decide to go for sprucing the looks of the car up instead of making the car more powerful. The bottom line is we all have Stangs and with that is a kind of brotherhood. If I see Dragger driving and I zoom by him should he feel bad because he has flames but no real speed? NO... He should feel good because his car is becoming what HE wants it to be. Besides there are normally hot girls at car shows anyway.. I look at the V-6er's as kinda like our lil bro's so if I see a F-Body or someone picking on them I'll step in for the challenge(although at this point I'd probably lose lol). Personally everyone can make their car faster but making your car faster just doesn't have the same personal touch feeling as modifying the looks. Keep doing your thing bro..
  17. Why is he getting so defensive, its not even his car? To each his own though. :shrug:
  18. you know, maybe it's just me, but the car looks pretty nice.

    I know i started with subtle things on my car before the supercharger and other things.

    At least it is a clean mustang without big NAWS and "R" stickers
  19. actually 98cobraclone's 78 is the epitome of rice, hehe, seriously though, I'd like to see some pics of this chicks car with the doors closed, and the hood down, no obstructions, just good pics of the car. There was a 99 or newer stang in one of the mags not too long ago, that a dude had that had custom 20" Bullitt rims, and a bunch of other go fast goodies on it. Looked really sweet. I wonder how twenties would look on my Ghia, hehe.

    Also something many of you may not know, is when you show a car, some organizations require you to open your hood a mininum of x amount of inches in order to show your engine compartment, many will also ask that you open the doors and trunk, so they can look into areas easier. So no little boys it's not a rice thing to open your hoods up just a little, but it's just a sign that there are no go fast goodies or shiny parts under the hood, but it's up because the rules say so
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