V6 swap to 5.0L

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  1. I'm throwing around the idea of doing an engine swap on my 2007 V6 mustang. I'm wanting around the area of 400-500rwhp, and If i kept my V6 I would have to turbo or supercharge it to get anywhere near that level of performance. Not to mention that it would reduce the reliability of the engine. And with the new 5.0L engine if I find myself wanting to improve performance even more it wouldn't be hard to add more. So I'm wonder what would have to be on my parts list?
  2. engine swap v6 to 5.0

    well , Im not a certified tech but I do know for starters you will have to swap your rearend the stock 7.5 will not handle that power for long . You will need the motor obviosly the wiring harness with engine computer , the transmission and if it's auto the computer for that . The suspension will need to be beefed up to handle the new weight of the motor and rear suspension to handle the rwhp. I would def upgrade the brakes to be able to stop . Thats just for starters . If you have the money for the swap go for it but it will be costly just in parts alone not to include the labor rates if if your not doing the work . good luck :D
  3. Thanks I'm really looking to make a fun one of a kind ride that would look good and have the power to back it up. It will probably be a few years down the road but it never hurts to be prepared.
  4. If you want something unique, I guess that's one thing but it probably would be cheaper in a few years to sell your 2007 and buy a 2011 GT.
  5. Ford just released the Boss 302 crate motor!!! Would make it more interesting.
  6. Right off the bat you would need the engine, transmission and rear end. Plus the processor and harness-which Ford Racing conveniently sells. Plus a hundred other things that will crop up as you go along.and then there is labor. It is doable but does it really make sense? I bet the trade in value of your car plus the cash needed to buy all the stuff you need would be more then enough to buy a new '11 or '12.
  7. I realize that a 2011 gt would be cheaper in the long run but that isn't what I want I don't like the new body style and mainly want to get my hands dirty and make a unique car. I don't intend to need to pay for labor, I have a father-in-law who is a mechanic and use to own a drag team, he loves cars and has the knowledge and experience where i lack, and I've got the odds and ends to make up for all the resources to get the job done. I'm mainly looking for the parts and doing the research to make up a budget and figure out where i want to go with the project. And I realize once i start building this project that any retaining value will be shot. which is why I want to make it a unique car that I love and have no intention of ever getting rid of.
  8. Oh I forgot I might go for the new boss 302. It does add to the uniqueness a bit... I've been looking but haven't got a price on one yet, the new gt motor is looking like $6,100 + shipping and tax.
  9. it would be a mustang with a 302 in it.

    that ain't one of a kind by any stretch, bub.
  10. i like the idea, especailly as a project and i agree with you on the 05-09 look better than the 2010+. though the engines are far superior