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  1. Hey gentleman, post your timeslips here. They should be backed up with the slips. Discuss the slips in another thread! This is for Slips only!


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  3. Here is my pre-mod time. First time at track. My rt & 60' were terrible, but I've been practicing my launches for my November visit to the track.

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  4. Here is the infamous slip that got me banned from v6power.net :nonono:


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  5. This is me slow but consistent. Only mods to the car are my Cold Air Intake. Also note that I have two 12" Infiniti subs in a large box that adds about 100 lbs. to the car's weight. Everything else is bone stock 2002 automatic O/D and Traction control are off and Launch from idle at second to last light. This is not my best time ever. I have one slip of a 16.3 something that I’m looking for...but this slip represents what my car runs on a consistent basis.

    I'm in the right lane. Car in the left lane was a Pontiac Grand Am GTP with lots of mods.


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  6. OK here is my best slip to date!I'm in the left lane, and there was a newer convertable vette in the right lane.



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  7. ETs, TRAPS, or SLIPS not Chit Chat
  8. This better for ya Sleeper? I had to dig deep for it. Hopefully you all can read it. The mods are in the sig. I didn't have the shifter, springs, lower control arms, shocks or struts at time of the run. I'm on the left.
  9. first time at the track, need to work on launching and getting used to the shifter for going into 3rd. im the one on the left, obviously. no idea what happened to the civic on the right, i think it blew up half way or somethin...

    btw, this was bone stock 03 v6 5 speed with roughly 1300 miles at the time

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  10. Here are my timeslip from this past weeks Drag Day! I am happy but will be in the 14's next summer for sure! Or at least I hope to be!


    Oh well, i cannot seem to get the file size down any help will be apprecitaed. Though i did run a 15.66 1/4 at 87.58 mph
  11. No scanner to post my slip (maybe after christmas) but my best et is in my sig. Happy Thanksgiving all.
  12. Went to Bradenton Motorsports Park today and after a few crappy runs, I pulled a

    [email protected]

    with a 2.3 60ft ( :notnice: need to learn these tires). Pretty good for my first time to the track and my minimal mods, I guess. Hoping for low 15's with some practice.
  13. im new to the board .heres my best time slip to date.


    im on the left side
  14. Woo hoo, scanner for Christmas!


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  15. Here ya go I am #116 on the right.


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  16. get a gt ha ha ha ha lol
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  17. Here's my latest.

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  18. 97 5speed bone stock with BFG drag radials, sportline springs and bullitt wheels.

    1st pass.
    did a 8 sec burnout on the BFGs
    slipped the clutch at 3-3.5k

    60ft 2.45
    I2 6.783
    I3 10.746
    MPH (I3) 64.936
    I4 14.005

    ET 16.774 @ 81.768MPH

    2nd pass
    did 8 sec bunout on the BFGs
    slipped the clutch at 3-3.5k

    60ft 2.520
    I2 7.064
    I3 10.816
    MPH (I3) 65.598
    I4 14.082

    ET 17.236 @ 67.408MPH (i let off because the other guy broke out)

    3rd pass
    did no burnout
    slipped the clutch at 3-3.5k

    60ft 2.824
    I2 7.292
    I3 11.050
    MPH (I3) 64.634
    I4 14.317

    ET [email protected] 58.973MPH (i spun the launch and the other guy red lighted so i said wtf and let off)

    4th pass
    did 7-8 sec burnout on the BFGs
    slipped the clutch at 4-4.25k

    60ft 2.396
    I2 6.857
    I3 10.544
    MPH (I3) 65.959
    I4 13.765

    ET 16.514 @ 82.222MPH
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  20. [​IMG]

    here is my best timeslip. i know its hard to read. but my times are also in my sig.