V6 Timeslips and ET's

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  1. first time ever running the v6(and first time on the track scene)...back when i just had glasspacks with no cats...

    im numebr 56 on the right..1/8th mile track..

  2. im new here but not to the v6 mustang world. Heres my slip, got it on video too.

    YouTube - M2U00375

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  3. BONE STOCK 99 5 speed,nothing done,left the line off the limiter slipping the clutch,car was hot and it was 80 degrees

    2.194-60 foot

    10.020 1/8th

    it was only eigth mile
  4. This new edge v6 is faster than my supercharged Mach 1. Time to hang my head in shame.