V6 To 5.0 Swap

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  1. Hey guys I have questions about the v6-5.0 swap.
    I have spen a lot of time reading post and looking up info and there seems to be there is no one that really has the same info
    What my plans are is I have a 89 gt rusted out fresh 5.0 and t-5.
    I just got a hell of a deal on a sweet 94 v-6 car all ready for a swap and it has the 8.8 trac lock rear end in it
    I want to take the motor out of the 89 and throw it in the 94. And really like a straight answer on what will work from the 89 on the 94. Will the complete wire harness and computer work?
    And I been told I have change k member
    And been told I don't so everything has me very confused. And I refuse to start the project before I know what I'm jumping into.
    I've swapped motors before in trucks. It never in a mustang this will be a first
    Any really god info would be appreciated.
    Thank you
  2. you don't need to swap the k-member. if your new car were a 96+, i hear you'd have to swap the k-member. the harness will work, provided you pull everything regarding the engine harness... from the PCM to the oil pan, that's what i did.

    this swap is straight forward. not that big of a deal. i wish you luck and hope to hear updates on how its going for you.
  3. sleekkat232
    thanks for that i was hoping the wire harness would work. I plan os taking everything from and including the ECM from the 89.
    Will my gauges and everything inside the 94 still work with the 89 ECM and engine harness?
    I myself dont see why it wouldnt.
    So far i have the motor and trans in the 94 Im working on fabricating a extension for the trans crossmember due to the fact the 89 T5 has a shorter bell housing and input shaft than a 94 T5. I also used the aluminum drive shaft from the 89 its perfect length.
    Im probably going to use the 3.8 radiator and electric fan because its the same as a 94/95 5.0 radiator from the research ive done.
    Im also using the H pipe exhaust from the 89 and the flowmaster mufflers. have to get new tail pipes.
    I was told by several the exhaust wouldnt work off of the 89 but it goes right up in as it should.
    I also have to transfer the vacuum tree over from the 89 and I have decided on deleting the Egr i already deleted the smog pump a while ago. So no need for the EGR. Im probably going to delete the A/C also. I live in Michigan we have 2-3 weeks of A/C weather so I really dont need it.
    If you have any other tips or info to share please do.
    BTW what is the swap you did?
  4. well i got the entire wire harness from the 89 fox and it looks like I cannot use it so Im going to try to locate a junk or wrecked 94/95 5.0 car and get the ecm and wire harness and try that.
    And I set the 3.8 radiator in and im going to have to modify it also. But no big thing. so far so good.
    Just lacking pedals with clutch and wire harness and throttle cable.
  5. ok everything is done except the wiring!
    Going to need some advise on this one. Have 2 complete wire harness from under the hood on a 89 fox body.
    Can I somehow put it in the 94 and the 89 ECM ?
    I have looked at it several times really dont think that will work I see a difference on the 94 the hot wire for the battery is located in the under hood fuse box along with the alt wires.
    On the 89 fox the wire harness looks like it gets its power from the 2 round plugs on the driver side that goes into the under dash fuse panel. A nd if I put the 89 harness into the 94 and ECM where would the harness get the power from because of the lack of the 2 round plugs thats on the 89.
    It seems easy but yet Im stumped.
    Maybe I should buy a ECM and harness from a 94/95 gt? But not sure that would work either.
    Done alotof looking around and I cant find a good answer to any of these questions.