V6 to take a GT

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  1. Well just for ****s and giggles I thought I'd make a thread where you can post your ideas for what it would take for a v6 to outdo a stock gt. Plus maybe it will end all the "what to do next" threads or "are these worth it?". So post what you think could do it. Doesn't matter what way you got, ported and polished, cam, and super if you want. Or nitrus. Or the more common way probably: exhaust, intake, etc.

    Just have fun with it.
  2. 99-04 GT = 230rwhp

    As long as you are above that, with taller gearing, you should have a chance.
  3. don't forget your at about a 80 tq disadvantage.
  4. read what i have..i beat gt's all the time..well i used to, i havent raced in awhile..my cars acting up
  5. your car is acting up? I've heard, but can't confirm, that without upgraded internals 9psi boost is the max the engine can handle. I hope that this is not your case in which you could have some serious problems. Good luck.
  6. just race a 96-98 gt vert.
  7. What year V6?

    3.73 gears
    Headers Lt or St
    H pipe (Or just keep the factory Y)
    Cat back exhaust
    Pulleys (Crank shaft and water pump)
    Cold air intake w/ new MAF sensor and injectors
    70mm T-body (Or a ported out 65mm)
    Ported/polished upper/lower intake manifold
    Short throw shifter

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    The ones in bold are all you would have to do to beat a stock 1999+ GT

    We weigh about 150lbs+ less so with a similar set-up we could easily destroy a GT.... But for some people that would be to much work.
  8. lol......maybe a pre 99, even then a gt would still have a slight edge, i've been around the v6's for a long time, and you'll be lucky to run a high 14, stock 99+ gt's run mid 14's to high 13's. unfortunately bolt ons wont beat a 99 gt. not to be an ass but that's just facts.
  9. Yeah, thats true.... I haven't driven my V6 in a long time..... Got a bike, now thats the way to go. lol :D
  10. maybe a pre 99? Those mods would definitely beat a 94-98 gt. Unless you can't shift.
  11. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  12. definately beat? hardly....but very possible, but we are talking like tenths not bus lengths here. and the 94-98 gt is stock, auto verts i would say you should be able to beat those 75% of the time with all those mods, 5spd coupes not so easily.
  13. I think it is funny that you guys keep dogging on the pre 99 gt's like they are nothing...at least with the 5.0's minor bolt on respond greatly...look at my mods..that is a 13 second combo right there..and that isn't really much..lol 94-98 gt's are nothing to laugh at..most of em are highly modded anyway..
  14. It's take to much work on any year v6 to be any fast 12v pushrod crap suck's ha i said it!!! so dont be mad poeple with v6's.I Had a maxima 5sp stock with a v6 smoking 96-98 gt's by the time I Added intake exhaust,pulley's and a six puck racing clutch I was on side of 99-04 gt's. I dout u will belive me but i don't care. the pont is why try those mustang v6's are weak so are chevy's
  15. Yeah, high school really wasn't worth going to, was it?
  16. I guess we're just going to have to agree to disagree on that one.
  17. will my mods be able to take pre 99 GT's???
  18. im gonna say probably not if your racing a 5spd coupe only because you have a pre 99+ v6. but who knows maybe you could beat an auto coupe or auto vert or maybe they cant drive manual all that great. go and find out! (at the track of course :nice: )
  19. It's sad to see you mod a Maxima (family sedan) just to try and keep up with sports coupes. Nissan dumps all of its performance into that one engine (for the maxima bodystyle). Ford spreads it out over its pony cars in 3 seperate packages to suit the consumer's tastes. So basically, you buying your "speedster" is the equivalent of someone else buying a cobra. Have fun trying to keep up.