V6 to take a GT

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  1. nope...your going to need more than that even if your a manual.

    on a side note you have a 98 pacific geen v6.....just like my old car....so your cool in my book :nice: lol
  2. If it matters, I have taken my brother in his 04 GT.......both 5 spds.....but mine whistles
  3. Dude, It's just a GT it's not a cobra or a camaro SS or even a Z28. It's a GT with 250hp and 302lbft... which is like 225rwhp and 250rwlbft. It's ok but no super car, a 99+ V6 with decent bolt-ons with a manual tranny and a half way decent driver could take'em. All the mods I listed or even the one's that one kid listed, but those on a 99+ V6 would take'em. The first mods I ever did was T-lok, rims, lowering springs, cold-air intake, cat-back exhaust, pulley's, T-body, and short tubes on my '01 V6 and my buddy has a '97 cobra...(Stock at the time) and I beat him from a 75mph roll to 118mph where I toped out, then he passed me, but the whole time I had a full car lenghth on him (yeah, he knows how to shift... well). After that I got a diablo sport predator tuner, subframes, swaybars, ported out upper/lower intake manifolds, and a short throw shifter, I didn't race a 99+ GT stock or modded until about 1 month after every thing was in... .02
  4. not true stangfangatic98 i had a 98 maxima big diff over the 02-05 i had 3.0 dohc 24v best v6 n/a motor ive seen dont like the new 3.5. add a turbo it's over those engine's are sick i love em. but now i have my 5.0 i love it just much. :owned:
  5. Well, I won't argue that the maxima would beat my stang. If I had a 24v DOHC, it'd be a different story. My friends escort GT is a 16v DOHC and he could take me stock anyway. I think ford needs to give us sixers two cams and a double the valves too :rolleyes: Guess I'll just have to wait a few years until I can rebuild my 351w from the block up...time/skills/experience, here I come
  6. 99+ GT: High 13's - Low 14's
    99+ V6 w/ Bolt-ons: Mid 14's at best

    I don't care what bolt-ons you have, no one I've ever heard of has made a legitimate 200whp w/ just bolt ons on a 99-04 V6, so you will not run high 13's/low 14's w/ just bolt-ons. Oh, and the Cobra was in the wrong gear or broken. T-body and headers are proven to do almost nothing if on a near-stock car, and the most your car was dynoing at the time was probably ~180whp. The ~260whp Cobra should walk you HARD with those mods, especially on the big end. The gears and t-loc could feasibly allow for a better launch than the Cobra, but, seriously, do you really think a lightly modded 99+ V6 can pull a 32V Cobra from a high-speed roll?
  7. First off i'm not going to argue over the internet... it doesn't make sense and is, well pretty much what it is "arguing over the internet". My friend DID beat me in his '97 cobra which was stock, but not untill I toped out! which was at 117 or 118mph, and what do you consider bolt-ons? cold air intake, catback exhaust, headers, pulleys, t-body, intake manifolds, and maybe heads, even a tuner or x/h pipe. those are what I consider "Bolt-ons" any mod that you can "bolt-on" excluding forced induction "bolt-ons" (S/C,) So if you don't think that a 99+ V6 could get 200rwhp out of all of those... well then I don't know what to tell you. All i'm saying is that a 99+ GT is nothing special and that this kid could beat one or at the very least keep up with one if he does his car right and that I may or may not have gotten lucky by beating my friend for a couple of quick seconds. :nice:
  8. p&p intakes and heads are not considered bolt ons. if you are uncluding those in your mods then it would explain a bit more.

    97 cobras were what like 14.0 maybe high 13 sec cars? im not sure but im pretty sure the 99s ran high 13s
  9. i'm sorry.....but your not going to going to run 14's without either a power adder or some kind of engine work in a realistic world, i will give you a high 14 with gears and good driving because i've seen that done. gt's are not beasts but a bolt on v6 still wont beat one nor a 97 cobra, a 305hp (260-275RWHP) DOHC motor will lose on a roll to a bolt on v6 (170-190RWHP) pushrod motor with a lower redline??? come on now..... and any person knows bolt ons are exhaust, cai's, pulleys...not putting something on that the car doesn't already have.

    go get your car dyno'd and get a timeslip and then we will know whether or not you could.
  10. Ok, fair enough. BUT, since I have more on my car than you would concider to be bolt-ons, then me doing a dyno and posting up a time slip would kinda not fit with the whole thing (in a way). Don't get me wrong though, if you guys would like to see a some dyno numbers and a time slip or two I would be happy to post some up, however it would take awhile, seeing how a) I haven't been to a track in awhile and the closest track around here that has a1/4 mile is about 2 hours away and B) I don't have any dyno #s right now, I would have to go about an hour a way to get it done. Like I said I don't mind doing it, it would just be awhile 'cause it's kinda outta the blue and I have to find time to get both done... also isn't a 99+ V6 1/4 mile times in the low 15s and very high 14s with a good driver? I though for some reason that a 99+ v6 can run a 14.9s stock, I think I read that on edmunds... I may be wrong though and if I am i'll be the first one to admit it, so don't quote me on that.
  11. When I took my car to the drag strip (2000 V6) I ran a best of 15.5 and the guys there were saying that's one of the best times that they have seen on a 99+ V6, my car also has 110,000 miles on it and is in need of a tune. I'm taking it to the track again on May 7th so I will be sure to post my best time of the day from then, I'm also getting a tune done before I go.
  12. I was looking around and I found this ... I don't know if his car is stock, he has rims but thats all I can tell. http://www.ashentep.com/webpages/v6mustang/my_experiences.htm

    I did find times for a 2005 V6 and a 2000 V6 convertible AT (the vert ran 16s stock I think) the '05 was 15.2s and an auto.

    I know this isn't the SAME as actuall times posted up but this should be close enough. http://www.rpmoutlet.com/dyno.htm I put in a vehicle weight of 3050lbs and a RWHP of 185 and got a time of 14.8 @ 91mph i'm sure if you mess with the RWHP numbers and weight differences for the driver and such it should be close. My car may weigh, and this is a guess, 3180 more or less with a RWHP of somewhere around 235... again i'll get a reall slip if you'd like... give me a little time though. hope this helps some.
  13. There is no way on earth you are taking down GT's, let alone 32v Cobras with a bolt on v6. And no, it wouldn't be close.

    Unless by "bolt-ons" you mean a Vortech @12lbs of boost.

    My girlfriend has a 5spd 2001 v6, CAI, Dual flows, jet chip, eibach springs. It's a quick, fun car. But my stock geared, stock motor, AODE GT blows away her v6 powershifted.
  14. i have half the displacement of a v8 and i can take em out. :shrug:

  15. Exactly. You have a modded 2.3 turbo, not a N/A 2.3. That was my point, that he's gonna need a power adder to run with a 32v snake. Now if he's had his 3.8 bored out to a 4.2, ported heads & intake, cam, full exhaust, chip, 4:10's, more fuel, ect., thats different. But a N/A 3.8 with bolt ons doesn't stand a chance.
  16. Now I'm not so sure about this, I ran against a 96 GT auto that had an offroad x-pipe & flowmaster catback and he ran a best of 15.2 and consistantly ran 15.3-15.4 so I wouldn't really say he could blow by me, but yes he was still faster. Also, don't start with the crap that his is a 4.6 & yours is a 5.0...from what I've seen there is absolutely no difference in power from the 94-95 5.0's & 96-98 4.6's. My buddy has a 87 GT auto and I slightly out run him. I will say that a bolt on V6 will not take a 99+ GT, my bro has one and he runs 13.8 @ 101, but I'd say if you go against a 98 and older GT that was auto then you have a much better chance.
  17. 1.) Your car is slower than a automatic 96GT w/exhaust, but faster than a 87GT.... :shrug: The 87GT must not be running right... :shrug: Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

    2.) When did I EVER say there was a difference between in power between a 95GT and a 96GT? :shrug: Oh wait, I never did.
  18. I don't have just bolt-ons... I explained what I thought were bolt-on earlier and V6 kitt explaind that only have of that were concidered bolt-ons. I have a decent amount of work done to my engine, BUT by no means is is just bolt-ons or is it forced induced. Now stang23's brother has a GT that runs a 13.8 and i'm gonna assume thats stock, and I know I can and i'm sure a few other people that have modded V6's can come close to that, and again in my defense I never said I beat a cobra in a 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile or just flat out racing. I beat my buddy in his '97 stock cobra 5 speed from a 75mph roll till I toped out, now in his defense maybe I got lucky or had a better launch or whatever than he did, BUT he still passed me when I topped out and not only did he pass but he passed me and got what looked like about 4-5 probably even 6 car lenghths untill he topped out, and I was barely in front of him a car lenghth or so, maybe more maybe less. I've only raced modded GT's in an 1/8 mile and only twice have I come CLOSE TO BEATING ONE. I've raced plenty on the street lost a few and won a few. I'm not going to lie, there are more in the losing colume against GT's then there are winning.

    stang23, I appreciate, even if you weren't backing me up, you were atleast making them hear it from someone else that GT's can indeed be beaten when your car is done right or what have you.
  19. No, he said something about there being no power difference between a 4.6 and a 5.0... but again no one ever said anything about there being power differences.... might have been clearing things up and stoping it before it even got started.
  20. 1. No one w/ just bolt-ons will come close to 13.8

    2. What do you have that you think you will run anywhere near 13.8?

    I am not trying to be a jerk by any means, I just want to be clear that it takes a few good mods, a good driver, good conditions, and a manual tranny for most to get into the 14's, and that it takes a LOT and for the planets to align for our V6's to really be able to hang w/ 99+ GT's and/or run 13's w/o resorting to F/I or Nitrous.