V6 to take a GT

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  1. Thank you, I always hear the argument that the 94-95 5.0's are better/faster than a 96-98 4.6 so I just wanted to clear that up before it was used as a defense.

    Also, I ran against a 96-98 GT on the interstate from about 75 and he put maybe half a car length on me, I talked to the guy later and he said it was an auto.
  2. This is 100% correct.

    GT: 5spd, Gears, full exhaust, traction, good driver = mid-high 13's
    v6: 5spd, Gears, full exhaust, traction, good driver = mid-low 15's, might crack a 14.9
  3. Ok for the last time I
    1. I never said I had just bolt-ons
    2. I never said that a V6 could run a 13.8 1/4 mile with bolt-ons (I miss-understood what you guys concider bolt-ons) :nice:

    I can tell you right now i'm gonna hear... WHY IN A V6! 'cause I got started and couldn't stop and most of these I did together, and some parts I got fairly cheap (ie. 65mm t-body, 85$)... However I will agree with who ever says it, "It was a little to much to do to a V6 and you should've got a GT" But I had it since it was practically new and it's my car and I love it.


    1. MAC straigh shot intake
    2. Moto blue 73mm MAF
    3. 65mm GT t-body ported and half-shafted
    4. Proted upper I/M (matched 65mm inlet, bolt post removal, divet welding)
    5. Ported lower I/M (Deleted EGR ports)
    6. Heads machined, replaced valve guide, viton valvesteam seals
    7. Moto blue 42% reduction pulley, aluminum water-pump pulley, & alternator
    8. Moto blue 180* thermostat
    9. Ross forged flat top pistons & pins/ hastings piston rings(fitted to the factory con-rods)
    10. Plasma booster ignition
    11. NGK plugs w/ JBA power cables
    12. Diablosport predator tuner
    13. Bosch fuel pump w/ bosch 24lbh injectors


    1. 75hp shot from holley "power fogger, universal 6cyl kit" (never used)


    1. MAC short-tube headers (non ceramic coated)
    2. Power-cats hi flow cats
    3. Custom made Y-pipe (had a mac h-pipe...sold)
    4. Borla cat-back exhaust


    1. Steeda tri-ax
    2. Ram stage 1 clutch kit
    3. Re-surfaced fly wheel
    4. FRPP T-lok


    1. Kenny brown subframes
    2. FRPP C-class lowering springs
    3. Koni (red) shocks/struts
    4. Kenny brown rear chassis brace
    5. Addco front/rear sway bars


    1. 18x9 (front) 18x10 (rear) saleen replica wheels
    2. 245/35/zr18 falkens (front) 285/40/zr18 falkens (rear)
    3. Powerslot rotors
    4. Hawk brake pads
    5. New oem calipers

    EDIT: ...And not to sound like a jerk but, if I don't run atleast a very low 14 to a very high 13s 1/4 mile...i'm modding the wrong car. :shrug:
  4. Sounds like you have a pretty nice V6. I think if you're spraying, you'll probably run where you want to be, but without the spray, I doubt it. The stock intake manifolds aren't THAT bad at flowing the air on a lightly modded car. Porting them really makes a difference once you port the heads as well or install a new cam... same thing with the MAF and TB. Anyway, nice 6. Maybe I'll see you around Tampa sometime.

    BTW, don't you have gears? and what color is your car?
  5. Considering my 6 ran a [email protected] virtually stock, actually probably slower than stock w/ the Bullitt's on there, even w/ a crappy 2.331 60', I think w/ some practice and some good weather, the 60' could be @ 2.00 and I would be dang close to 14's had I just added gears after that. You are correct, however, that most people wouldn't do that well.
  6. worked v6....i'm glad you finally told us what you have done to the car, nothing wrong with those mods, unfortunately the nitrous is really your only good sized mod, but i would say you could run a mid 14 atleast. i would suggest getting a nice cam for your nitrous application in the future.

    about the track time and dyno....i was just saying this will give you real numbers and not assumptions.
  7. Oh yeah? I could crush an 04' cobra in my car. I've got a MONSTERTACH, tinted windows and a lowering kit with a catback and intake. They don't even stand a chance! .........................just kidding (This coming from a kid I overheard in 1st period awhile back in school. Appearantly his base line integra is God's greatest creation.. Some people are stupid, and some people are S T U P I D.)
  8. With 4 fat chicks in it.(or dudes...)
  9. You people are making this topic so much complicated.
    We're talking about STOCK GT's against modded v6's.
    Now I say a 99+ V6 with bolt ons can take the 94-98 gt's. And it will take a lot more than bolt ons to take the 99+ gt's.
  10. My six has seen its share of GT hoods in the rearview mirrors.
  11. Mine was 242 rwhp, bone stock,,even with baffle still in..
  12. :stupid:

    like mine :D
  13. No I don't have gears.. I never thought that they work all that great 'cause my friend has a t-lok and 3.73 from frpp in his stock '02 and I cant really tell a difference. oh well, might just be me. Thanks for the compliments I didn't even notice that your in tampa... good call. I actually live across the bay in palm harbor, it's about 15 - 20 minutes north of the courtney campbell bridge, I just put down tampa bay 'cause every one knows where that is. My car is silver, with a rozzi body kit, and I just installed a '03 - '04 cobra hood last monday (looks great!) but, I'm around tampa a fair amount, especially on the week-ends. See your around. can't wait till the new bridge gets finished by clearwater beach!
  14. Mid 14s !!???... Iether way I wanna go and get some times under my belt, but when I get them i'll be sure to post them up. I'll also try to hook it up with a video or something. I wanna get a cam and I don't wanna get a cam, I haven't use the nitrous yet but it's very tempting... I think the next mod i'll do is switch to ceramic L/T with a catted h pipe or maybe port the heads and put in roller rockers.

    EDIT: If I post up 1/8 mile times would I/everyone else be able to tell what my 1/4 mile time would be? Just so I don't have to drive forever and a day to get 1/4 mile times... probably do it anyway, but I still would like to know.
  15. well i was being modest with the mid 14. it all depends on how well you drive, but if lets say you ran a 15.5 n/a, a 75 shot will only take about a sec off your time, hence why i said mid 14 to be realistic in a track setting, but you very well could do better than that it just depends.
  16. Yeah but a 2001 V6 MT runs faster than a 15.5 1/4 mile stock doesn't it? A 2001+ GT with a MT does 13.9 1/4 mile... atleast thats what i've read, and i've read that '99+ does high 14s stock with a MT. ... I don't know i've kinda forgot the whole point to this thread anyway. A V6 to take a GT? in what 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, first one to cross the finish line racing, stoplight to stoplight racing.... I think that there is just to many different set-ups.
  17. I have a 94 v6 and took my friends 03 Gt. They're both manuals, but the reason I beat him was I've been driving stick for a while and he hasnt, so I beat him out of skill, not speed. But it can be done! Just take someone who has never driven stick before, convince them to buy a 5 speed GT and dont tell them how to drive it!

    Really though, he's had it for a few months, but still is getting used to it.
  18. you got to be kidding.....that is the saddest thing i've heard. your 94 v6 145hp beating a 260hp v8, tell your friend to buy an automatic because that has to be the most horrible shifting ever. and even if he is just sitting there roasting the tires, he just has to baby it off the line and he would rape you. either you are full of crap or he is the worst driver ever a 99+ gt to be running a 16 doesn't seem that possible.

    worked v6....actually mid 15's in a 99+v6 mt runs mid 15's. some years back there was an artical about a 99v6 mt running a 14.9 stock with some weight reduction in a magazine, but nobody in the real world has ever done it. canton racer (i believe) ran a 15.2 bone stock, that's the best i've seen.
  19. Well as far as weight reduction.... I don't have a spare tire, the whole mach system is gone (replaced it with aftermarket stuff, but still is lighter than the mach) I removed all the factory sound deadening and replaced it with dynamat, I think various other parts are lighter than stock... I don't know maybe like 30 - 40lbs in total. :shrug: But, i'm not about to loose my back seat just to save 25lbs... still have to look good. :D
  20. interesting thread.........