V6 to take a GT

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  1. :rlaugh: That's hilarious. What a ricer thing to do. I've surfed through Nissan and Honda boards and all those guys do is talk about taking out their backseats and spares. :rlaugh:

    Like I said, this guy is just obviously one of the few GT owners that becomes a condescending prick to anyone who doesn't own a GT. The only reason he misquoted me so easily is because he assumes that none of us V6 owners could POSSIBLY know anything about these cars.
    Yet my car has had 3 Mustang Monthly covers, and been IN the magazine at least 10 different times. I could probably take this kid to school on Mustang trivia. ...And I own a six...hmm

    The thing that pissed me off is I was defending his damn car, and he starts bashing mine. Someone needs to ban this prick.
  2. I thought you got a GT? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  3. post #83 worked V6 was talking about mustangs & cobra's, and about why buy a car that needs little modding, when another $5000 you can get a car that needs almost no modding.
    then in post #92 66' coupe starts out quoting worked V6 post #83
    and said
    I would rather have a car that still is producing a good amount of power stock but still has LOTS of potential. If I wanted a car that the manufacturer has already pushed to the performance ceiling,I'd get an Evo or an SRT-4.

    why did you bring up the evo & srt-4 because worked V6 said nothing of either.

    in post #94 i was not rude or arrogant. if worked V6 was talking about evo's or srt-4's & you said if i wanted a car stock @ its performance limit i would get one........and i misunderstood that then explain it to me NON rude & NON arrogant........not condescending & rude like post #95 below
    Maybe you should stop grouping all of us V6ers together. I wasn't talking about the Cobra or GT. I may own a V6, but I'm not an idiot. Maybe next time you could pull your head out of your ass to read a post carefully before commenting.

    i saw no reason to use the "head out of your ass" comment from what i posted in #94.
    i like to see people driving domestics.......but you little ****s trying to gang bang me are acting just like ricers. your reaction to my post #94 did not call for you to cuss me.
    sorry if worked V6 was talking about evo's & srt-4's & sorry if he wasn't.
    sorry to the rest of you guys & gals........66 coupe just pissed me off cussing @ me seemed a little rude so i threw it back @ him.....wasnt right either way i wont bother you again.

    also it is funny how funkmasterflex missed alot of my mods in his post.
  4. ok ok i think the confusion began with that first post you just listed by worked v6. i think you misread that one which lead to the rest of the arguments. the evo and srt4 were brought up as examples of cars that have reached almost their highest point of performace that can be squeezed from the engines right out of the factory. like he said its very very hard to get much more hp out of those engines whereas a mustang comes from the factory with so much potential for gaining hp. its easy to get junk confused on boards and sadly enough it usually ends up like this w/ people bashin each other. hope everything is cleared up :flag: and you do have solid mods in your list man. namely the cams, but i just like to dog on how many people list things like mobile 1, and spare tire/jack delete in their mods list... i dunno its just kinda like saying radio antennae delete or prestone antifreeze or fram oil filter in your mod list
  5. Actually, the fact that "GT people" look down on V6ers is a very ricer mentality. Any sort of pissing contest is very "ricer". True GT's will make more power than a V6, but how many people have 10 second V6's versus the number of people that have 10 second GT's? It's all about bragging rights, and being able to boast a 10 second V6 is something very, very, very few people are able to do. Basically, it's just cheaper to get a V8 and mod it so most people give up on dumping money in to a V6.

    It's all cool, though. V6 people are used to getting shat on by GT people and pretty much everyone else. They're the little brother that gets picked on constantly. I know it would be pretty scarey for a guy/gal in a GT with a CAI/Cat-back/Gears to go against a very basic looking V6 only to find out there's a 500 horse engine sitting under the hood. Naturally, a GT owner would get really defensive at the idea of a fast V6 since they're easy prey for them, a lot of times. Once again, this would be a very rare occurance, but that would shut some people about the whole "my dick is bigger than yours" contest.

    The 232 blocks are pretty stout since they're based off of the 351w so it's not impossible to pump out plenty of horses on a stock block. Since there is limited development for V6 engines, parts are rare and expensive for high power systems. Alot of work needs to be fabricated and remachined. None of which is very cheap. We need people that are willing to pound away at V6's so that there will be a bigger aftermarket for those of us that don't have the patience to fabricate and remachine parts ourselves. Once V6's are able to take on GT's regularly, you will probably see posts entitled "V6 to take a Cobra". Development requires goals, and you will never know if you succeed if you don't try. You have to appreciate these "pioneers" since it takes an interest in a field in order to build an aftermarket for said field.

    As far as '66 Coupe's comment about the SRT-4 and Evo, is a comment concerning cars sold at or near maxium potential (e.i. limited to no room for improvement after you buy which means limited to no fun to me). In worked V6s post, he mentioned something about buying a car that can be modded versus a car that can't be modded, like the SRT-4 and Evo. Of course, they can be lightly modded, but nothing dramatic like Mustang's are able to undertake.

    The situation is very similar to the V6ers that dump on I4's. There are a few I4's out there that could hang with a V8, and I would have to admit I would be highly embarassed at first, but I would have to give mad props to the man that's able to burn me.

    It boils down to this: Are you cool headed enough to take a beating from a "lesser" engine? Those that can are a great group of people, in my opinion.

    [The decision to use 10 seconds was purely arbitary. I've heard of some guy getting in to the 10s with a V6 with stock internals and a twin turbo set up, and I figure that with some beef, he would be able to smoke a lot of unsuspecting GT and Cobra owners.]
    [My intentions are not to include all "GT people" in this rant, but rather the "GT people" that think their **** doesn't stink.]
  6. Wow, what the hell happened in here? Look, all I was trying to do was compare different types of cars, engines, prices, etc. I didn't want for something like this to start... Anyway atleast it's cleared up and next time i'll be more specific when compareing, but also, this is the V6 part of the forum, so there will be biased opinions (V6's rule, no, V8's rule, blah, blah, blah, who gives a damn? Everybody in here drives a mustang of someyear or another and we shouldn't be like this to other mustang suporters... keep in mind im trying to be nice and keep the peace) The thing with the chevys, I was just saying they put out more power, the thing with the prices, I was saying that i've noticed that mustangs have decreased in value because of the new models came out, buying a car that needs to be modded or a car that doesn't need to be moddded... look at however you want. And the evo and srt4... whatever, that was an example that '66 used, just like I was using the cobras, etc. Everything has been an opinion and now it's cleared up, so take it easy and let this thread die or keep it going and keep it tastefull. :flag: We're all mustang owners here people, and i'll admit that I said that gt aren't really great, but i'm not about to beat a dead horse or bash a fellow forum member. It's just opinions.

    Oh, my cousin has a '03 evo and has 375whp (I don't know his torque, he never told me). He done a lot to it though, and I don't know what, but I know he swaped out the turbo, fuel system and ecu. don't know if he haas cams or whatever. .02
  7. I don't know if I buy that without seeing proof. But either way, there's a reason he didn't tell you his torque numbers. :rlaugh:
  8. mmm Torque! A reason to buy a turbocharger over a supercharger. :OT:
  9. [QUOTE='66 coupe]:rlaugh: That's hilarious. What a ricer thing to do. I've surfed through Nissan and Honda boards and all those guys do is talk about taking out their backseats and spares. :rlaugh:

    The thing that pissed me off is I was defending his damn car, and he starts bashing mine. Someone needs to ban this prick.[/QUOTE]

    Just laugh at him when he gets a flat tire sometime and no one will give him a ride. :banana:
  10. [QUOTE='66 coupe]I don't know if I buy that without seeing proof. But either way, there's a reason he didn't tell you his torque numbers. :rlaugh:[/QUOTE]

    He lives in texas. I'll try to see if he can send me a dyno sheet and i'll post it up or something. But, I know what you mean about the torque. :bs: