v6 to v8 conversion

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by plato1, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Hey guys i am new here i have a 1998 v6 mustang that i would like to convert to a v8. I was thinking about droping a 5.0 in there or maibe a 4.6, now i got around 5k is it possible to do such a thing with that amount. The reasong i want to do the swap is because my current v6 has just about had it, so i figured hey might as well upgrade. What are your thoughts is it possible?

    PS: Now i am notlooking for anything wild figure maibe 300 horses will be enough for me. Would this engine work on a 1998?

  2. If you have 5000 you can easily find a GT for that amount and probably still have money left over. Where are you located? Wait never mind, it looks like youre trying to get a built up motor. Id get a 5.0 from MPS for about 700, get her bored 30 over, buy a 347 stroker kit a good cam and some AFRs and youll be getting your target HP all day long. Dont forget youll need the PCM for whichever motor youll be getting 87-93 or 94-95 5.0 . If you get a 94 - 95 5.0 youll need new AC lines as well. You can keep the 7.5 rear and v6 T5 (if thats what you have) but I wouldnt push more than 300 HP. Although if you ave that much money, getting everything you need shouldnt be a problem.
  3. Go to a junkyard to get a 5.0. Don't spend money on MPS's over priced parts.

    5 grand should be good for a decent build. Don't forget you'll need several wire harnesses = $$$
  4. Your best bet is to get a donor car. I just did the swap today. You will need harnesses Sorscode is the best person to talk to.