V6 Upgrades for a (2010) V6 - opinions welcome

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Paul Morgan, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Has anyone else noticed how much the 2010 V6 is an afterthought with parts? Just sayin'

    Anyway, after reading many posts and asking many questions here's my list of upgrades suggested by the masses, plus comments and ballpark part cost. It might be helpful to those new to upgrading - and those who are veterans might have opinion too
    1. Tune - it's the first thing regardless. I went American Muscle ($600)
    2. V8 exhaust (Newtakeoff) or other better exhaust system - unless you're going all out, a full dual system will not allow enough back pressure and may hurt performance. Could weld duals to the existing pipe after the catalyst ($200)
    3. CAI - I don't think it makes that MUCH of a difference; seems more for show. Went JLT - i had no other option from AM. ($200)
    4. Gears - 3.73 for a daily driver; 4.10 for racing ($300)
    5. 8.8" Rear end - to handle the power - more of an insurance against breaking thing ($??)
    6. Tru-Trac (not a T-LOC). T-Locs have clutches which wear out. Anyone have experience of where to get a Tru-track, or of T-LOCs? ($??)
    7. Bigger Brake pads - V8 should suffice ($200)
    8. Springs / Lowering - Helps reduce roll and improve handling; also need a bump steer kit- http://www.americanmuscle.com/eibach-prosystem-0510v6.html http://www.americanmuscle.com/steeda-2005-bumpsteer-kit.html ($1000)
    Opinion was that V6's don't benefit from shorty headers.
    Also, does anyone know where to pick up 8.8" rear end that would fit a 2010 V6?
  2. Unless you plan on putting a super or turbo charger dont worry about an 8.8 rear end. your mods you have listed won't break your current one. i've modded 2 v6's with similar parts to your list. no worries. but do true dual exhaust, the v6's i did i used 2.25 inch pipes and have had no problems with back pressure. used flowmaster super 44's and sound is nice. NOT rice at all. sounds better than camaro v6's with same setup.

    bigger brake PADS?? you mean going to a 13" big brake package for the fronts? best have at least 18's on the car.
  3. Re: Brakes - something like a V8 setup. If you're going to put more power in, you need to make sure you can stop. If there's reccos for 17" ?

    Did you have any experience re: Tru Trac vs T-LOC?
  4. i ran a t-loc on the first v6 the last couple years i had it.. so about 50,000 miles at least, never had a problem. if you have 17" wheels you can upgrade to better rotors and pads for better stopping. Bear Decalla rotors are good ones.