V6 upgrades?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by clonetek, May 3, 2004.

  1. Hey guys, my girlfriend just got a 04 Sonic Blue V6 Mustang with the pony appearance package.

    She's wanting to do some stuff to it & I figured we would come here for tips/tricks.

    Looks like the upgrades we wanna get are:
    subframe connectors
    strut tower brace
    some sort of cold air intake
    guage overlay/surround
    not sure about exhaust mods just yet.

    Is there anything else commonly done to V6 stangs that I've left off?
    Let me know!

    So far all we have done is Zaino! :banana:
    Window tint will be done next week.

    Here are a couple pics of the car.




  2. Nice ride :nice: If it was me I would do:

    Exhaust w/ "X" pipe (maybe headers)
    CAI or get the hood scoop working ;)
    UD pulleys
    Shift kit if its a auto and a shifter if its a stick

    Then once its out of warranty:

    Port/polish the heads & intake(s)
    Blower / injectors
    Subframe connectors
    Strut brace

    And look out lighting :nice:
  3. Thanks!
    She's not wanting to do anything major 'till the warranty is up. :)
    She likes the exhaust like it is for now, but we may do something later.
    Which CAI is the best (cheapest! lol) I like the polished ones.
    It's an automatic, but no shift kit for now.

    Got any links on how to get the scoop to do something other than hold #[email protected]%^&* water? :bang: :bang: :bang:

    The Lightning only runs 12.6 @ 107 now.. It'll be a while before she catches me.
  4. I hear ebay cai are the same as mac or bbk just half the price.

    She could also get an intake spacer.
  5. I didn't think that scoop would get much water in there :scratch: My SVO gets a few drops but its a smaller hole than her's I'm sure. O I forgot about a Diablo chip also ;) But that would probly be after the warranty is out also. There is a small write up about V6 mods in FF&MM this month which they gain like 20 rwhp but don't qoute me on it.
  6. That just sounds wrong.

    I would stay away from the Diablo chip and get an SCT chip from Justain at VMP performance.
  7. :lol: I guess I need to pay more attention to what I'm writting :D

    As for the chips goes I would research them with these guys before I bought one to see who made a good one. I was just mentioning Diablo since they was the only ones I knew who made a chip for the V6 and I've seen them around a few times.
  8. She went from a 4cyl Protégé to the V6 Mustang so chip/pulleys/supercharger/turbo/nitrous is out of the question since the car has plenty of power for her. lol
    Also going from a 4cyl to a V6 means the exhaust is a lot louder for her already. She likes it as is.

    I figured that we could do some stuff to the car that is easily reversible if we have to take the car in for service.

    I drove the car and it felt kinda sloppy, so I thought about adding a rear sway bar, strut tower brace and sub frame connectors.

    As far as cosmetic mods, she wants tinted windows, hyper white headlight bulbs, euro tail lights, electroluminescent guages / guage overlay, stereo, and maybe a dash kit (brushed aluminum/carbon fiber etc).
  9. Can you skip the euro's?

    A really easy mod to revers would be to get a K&N airfilter.
  10. I'm not against the euro tail lights.. lol
  11. kennybrown or steeda have great suspension kits for stangs

    www.procarparts.com has a really inexpensive CAI for the stang and good prices on the euros

    and MAC makes a really nice catback system for stock or lightly modded v6`s
  12. Thats a nice CAI & a good price.. Any body on here use one?
    I wanna get her a strut tower brace, bolt on subframes & maybe the crossbrace kit.
  13. As for cosmetics, how about rocker panel stripes?
    Try http://www.autothing.com/Products/Decals/FordMustangDecals/products-decals-mustang-rocker.htm
    they have 4 different styles to choose from with many many colors. I got mine off ebay, basic white for 20 bux instead of 60
    But they sent the wrong ones (silver) and arent answering emails those jerks... the silver doesnt go with my dark greenish blue (Deep Forest Green) mustang ='(
    But some of those colors would look dead sexy on that blue stang...
  14. I showed her a car the other day with those stripes & she said she didn't like them. Oh well. lol
    She's wanting flame stripes like what is on my truck. I've got a friend that makes them, so we'll get some one day.

    Do you have any pics of your white face guages & gauge bezel? That is something I'm wanting to do for her car.
    Do you have to take the needles off to install them? Who has the best overlay?
    Also, do you have any pics of your foglight setup?

  15. if it were me, the first thing i would do is get some good full lenth subframes. not only can the improve performance of the car, but can improve resale value. and prolong the performance of the car, as in keeping it straight and from flexing, thus keeping the car in better condition for resale latter in life.

    On a 99 or newer v-6 id do subframes, tower brace(front & back), tubular k-member, and look in to a streetable roll cage(should help the subframes). after that i don't know which direction id go.
  16. I thought about the rear tower brace, but i don't want to cut any interior body panels.

    What subframes do you recommend? and so you recommend the crossbrace kit?
  17. Ya i do like those crossbrace kits. kenny brown offers some nice subframes for the v-6s, i think there cheapest ones are listed on there site at like 50 dollars. there matrix subframes are structually sound, i haven't seen them in action though. take that in to account before deciding on a set.
    steeda usually has good stuff, plus ive heard good things about there tubular subframes.
  18. quikie response, yes u had tyo take the needles off, it was easy, except as u see my gas is off a bit, i have superfuel!?
  19. thats what i was wanting to see! do they make a 40th anniversary bezel?
  20. Hey Clonetek, nice rides man! I spent about 2 hours today looking through all the pics on your site. I would say you documented/photographed the car shows exquisitly. Are you from LA? If so which part?