V6 upgrades?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by clonetek, May 3, 2004.

  1. A good set of tires goes a long ways for starters :nice:
  2. hmm.. we'll wait till the stock ones are bald! lol

    What part of "west texas" are you from? Do you go to hallsville to race?
  3. Ya wait tell the new ones are tost and then look into some new tires and maybe even wheels for them. I bought some pony wheels for my LX once and waited a year for my old tires to go bald before I stuck my new wheels on and bought tires for them ;)

    I'm sure I live about 350-450 miles from that track :D I live in Midland just off I-20 inbetween Elpaso and Dallas. Where is this Hallsville at anyways? I will be through that area probly a few times next month. One of my trips will be to Dallas and the other to our ranch about 100 miles north of New Boston. It sets right on the Oklahoma and Arkansaw line, but its not that fair from LA. My mother-In-Law hopes over to LA all the time to the Crasy house shoe ( I thats the name) casino in LA.
  4. That is the place. It was me that got it wrong, heck I never gamble except the time I got married in Vagas :D

    As for the stock pony wheels call me dumb or what ever but I like them also. I'm going to get a set like your G/Fs to put on my SVO when I get to my supension mods. I also like the older pony wheels but not the shinny ones. I put a set of plain 91-93' GT ponys on my 93' LX because I like the looks and needed a better tire for road racing :) There is a pic on my link of both mustangs. There both four bangers but I love the hell out of them :nice: The SVO when its done should be able to take out most stock 5.0L and lightly moded ones also. I don't really need it much faster than that since its for Open Road racing. Heres the racing I'm into, its held in Midland around October.

  6. trade you what? :scratch:
  7. Do we really want to know :scratch: