Suspension V6 - V8 Suspension Upgrades?

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  1. Well, I posted a few weeks ago about doing the 302 swap into my II. I found an engine and bought it. Although I still need to get it running and locate a few parts here and there, I am getting close! Anyway, I have the suspension of a v6 now, was there any change from the v6 to v8? I would imagine the springs might would have to be bigger due to more weight, any specifics? Also what suspension upgrades are there for a II that will make it not feel like a tank in the corners? I plan to have this as a cruising car and I would like to take it on some curvy back roads. I'm not much on suspension so any help would be appreciated!
    This is unrelated but does any of the bell housings for the C4 have different depths for the torque converter?

    Thanks in advance for all information!
  2. Posted this twice by accident. Please ignore one of them. Thanks!
  3. imo, Alcino is the suspension guy around here. He posted a quick question a few days ago about springs and sway bars here: I posted one response with a spring upgrade that you may find helpful. I actually used 4 cylinder springs in the front of my Cobra, but I cut about a coil and a half off. IIRC, front sway bars are all 7/8" and rears are 3/4" and optional. The only exception I know about are Mach 1's, they have a larger front sway bar, I think at an inch? That's about as much as I can help with suspension upgrades besides the usual "look up street rod suspension parts". You can swap tubular a arms and the like which should also help?
  4. Thanks a lot! This will surely help! Thanks!
  5. Oh, forgot in my earlier reply, I'm not sure about different bell depths. I want to say no just from a manufacturing/assembly standpoint, but I could also be wrong there. I've never paid that much attention to the C4's I've pulled to notice....
  6. Thanks anyway! I think I am on to some information now. Might have this thing in the car by next week!
  7. Please post all the info you can, it will be a big help to the rest of us that are doing the same thing, I will post anything I find out, in fact once I get this project rolling I'll start a thread for it, that way folks can see the problems I run into and what works, I hope it will be helpfull
  8. I'll try to remember to keep everyone updated!