V6 with hood scoop - stock?

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  1. Was there a year where there was an option to put a GT hood scoop on the V6 cars? I ask because I have seen more V6 cars with GT scoops than I would expect, especially when some of them are clearly not the type of people who would do that mod.
  2. Yes, I do believe in 2004 for the 40th aniversary, the V6's had the GT scoops. I know there was atleast one year where there was some package to put the GT scoops on the V6.
  3. thanks for the quick reply!
  4. In 2003 there was also the Pony Package (I think it was called) and it was an appearance package that included the GT hoodscoop.
  5. Aha, ok, I knew there was some package that included it in one of the years. Pony package sounds about right too.
  6. The Pony Package also included special trim around the shifter and center console trim, along with special wheels.
  7. Didn't they also have on in '01 or '02 too as some sort of package, too?
  8. No they didn't. The V6 Mustangs in 2001 and in 2002 didn't come with the hood scoop package. The hood scoop package was only available as an option in 2003 and then in 2004, it came as "standard" equipment on the V6 Mustang.
  9. That last sentence confused me.

    '99-'02 Got the hood with the recessed scoop. This was standard for all Mustangs from '99-2000, except for the real 35th Anniversary GT's.
    '03-'04 Got the '99/'01 Cobra Hood as standard equipment. The Pony Package got the '01+ GT hoodscoop on the original hood.

    We had the Pony package available in(at least) 2002 down here in Fl. So depending on where you live, you may find a pre-'03 Pony Package.
  10. hmmm

    Yes in 2002 they did actually came out with a Ponypackage...In Florida they made pony package V6's that weren't available in any other state untill 2003 because it was a big hit...I have a 2002 FL. one in TrueBlue which came with the GT hoodscoop, polished rims, running horse decals, and black bumper inserts.
  11. Did yours also come with the silver-gray colored center console (surrounding the A/C controls, vents, and radio) and shifter bezels, and the aluminum colored trim ring around the shifter?

  12. No mine didn't come with anything special on the inside...it just has plain Light grey/dark grey interior...one power seat one manual seat thats all.
  13. just my 2 cents... i have an 04 40th anniv sonic blue and it came with a gt hood scoop and the 16" polished wheels my v-6 was a deluxe and came with all the bells and whistles except the mach radio system which i was deeply sad about but at the time it was a new car and we all know how that is ...


    march of 07 new stang purchase

    07' gt midveil blue with white stripes
    cnc shaker hood system
    18" polished alum bulitts
    shaker 1000
    dual magnaflow hi pros
  14. My 2004 3.9L Mustang has the Pony Package that has the scoop in the front. To bad its not functional like on the Mach.

  16. [QUOTE='66 coupe]We had the Pony package available in(at least) 2002 down here in Fl. So depending on where you live, you may find a pre-'03 Pony Package.[/QUOTE]

    I was thinking the same thing... and I guess the next guy confirmed it. I've always thought that, but I don't think I ever heard that it was the case for sure. Cool.