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  1. So I e-mailed Brenspeed.com yesterday asking some dimensions on the MAC x-pipe for a 05 GT. No reply as of yet.

    Ive done alot of measuring and comparing, Im sure that a GT x or h pipe will slip right on our cut y-pipes. There are alot of x and h pipes that sell for as little as $70 for a universal kit to $500 for a stainless steel cat'ed kit.

    I have everything I need except for the x-pipe. Im ordering it as soon as I get a reply from Brenspeed.
  2. Any particular reason for the X over the H? Would the H cause the loss of torque as experienced by Shooter1? I was going to go with an H (simply becasue the JBA kit comes with it) but am now reconsidering.
  3. X for performance, better flow....H for sound....and an H will outperform a stock Y. Let me dig up a post I made on it elsewhere.

  4. I posted this on another board, but it applies here as well...have a look:

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    I looked up some technical details on the H pipe, and how it generates sound, here is what I found in this months article of MMFF:

    "......Now the high and low pressure pulses on the left bank get to become friends with those on the other bank. Not only do the sounds mix, but the low pressure pulses on one bank actually help draw out the hih pressure pulses on the other. Quasi-static scavenging, we call it. Makes more torque, smooths things out acoustically. "

    And here is what the article said on the X pipe:

    ".....the X pipe does exactly what the H piep does, but better, different. Instead of just letting pressure pulsations (a small portion of exhaust flow) bly back and forth across the H tube, the X pipe makes sure that all the exhaust gas from each cylinder bank gets very intimate. To things to understand, destructive interference and dynamic scavenging....

    ....That is why your X pipe sounds different than an H pip. Less modulation, less low frequency contribution, just 4th order starting off low and rising to a shriek at the top of the tach. It's smoother too, since the enrgy associated with the bank to bank pressure fluctuations is used more effectively to scaveng the exhaust gases"

    So it proves your theory, and also proves that the X pipe will make more power than an H. On that prochamber, I am asuming that the sqaure portion of it is completely open, unlike an H, there is a ton more room for the gases to combine.....wouldn't this make even a deeper sound than an H, I assume this is your logic here.

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  5. The x is all stainless steel, and looks like it will fit with no cutting or fab other than the y-pipe.
  6. so if i order the magnaflow catted X pipe, all i have to do is cut my Y pipe? anyone have a how to on this, or would a shop see it and know what to do? im looking to get exhaust and would love to know EXACTLY what to do....what mufflers would you guys run for a low deep tone.
  7. http://www.2005stang.com/viewtopic.php?t=1313
    i dont understand the prob i have posted every thing i can think of regarding this question i even have posted the service manual docs showing the fact that the gt pipes fit the left side. i would recoimend having the shop install clamps at the rear of the x-h pipe that way the pipes can be removed just like the factory set up incase of trany or tank removal it only added 30 buck to my install.
  8. afixer, the only thing I dont like about ypur setup is its not all stainless stseel and it doesnt have mandrel bends.

    Now, when you got yours done there wasnt much for the V6 as far as exhaust goes, so you made do with what you had.

    Heres a pic of what Im buying. I already have the GT mufflers and the left side GT midpipe with the factory clamps to connect the midpipes to the x pipe.

    My only question, that Brenspeed hasnt replied on yet, is if the distance between the pipes is the same on the V6 as on the GT. I think it is.

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  9. ok, i like that let me know how it works out i may change it. funny thing i have a mandrell bender now that i have the sc3 shop set up but i dont have the lift installed its still in the container or i might play with it.
  10. I just got my dual exhaust today. It was a custom job with x-pipe and flowmaster 40series mufflers. I can't tell much about the performance now but it is very very loud, almost too loud. I had the music almost all the way up on the freeway and you could still hear it clearly.
  11. Looking at the differences of X and H pipes, what I understand is that the X pipes give more punch to the power of the car. Now, I don't know much about the y-pipes. What are Y- pipes? I know that it is a rooky question but if the show fits. Also, What do most 05+ owners like to go with. I am researching the heck out of the 05 stuff so if you could help me with this one, it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. if the shoe fits, not show
  13. y-pipe is a 2 into 1 design, like the factory...
  14. Here is a common example of a Y pipe, you are driving around and see most cars with one muffler in the back. Now, keep in mind these cars have two cats, so what happens is the headers come off the engine, to two cats and from there the two pipes go along underneith, than combine to form what visually looks like a Y pipe and from there one pipe runs to the muffler. Our cars have this setup stock.

    Now, take this same logic and look at dual kits/custom jobs on this forum. I think Afixers setup is really good. JBA, MAC and Magnaflow make a dual kit, but what it does is connect after the Y pipe, using another Y to split out duals out the back. This is what I have and I am in the process of changing to a true dual using a H pipe (going for sound quality). But JBA also has another kit that is a true dual with a H pipe as well.

    As you can see you have plenty of options. Go with H for sound, X for performance and a Y pipe dual kit if you just want the dual look with some minor performance gain.

    Let us know how it turns out.
  15. Thanks for the help. So basicaly the y-pipe is more for asthetics and the H andX pipes for sound and performance? Would you say that a lot of aftermarket guys go with more one than the other? :shrug:
  16. Hey Guys can you give me some insite on weather a h pipe would give me a deeper sound. right now Iam running true duel exhaust with dynamax mufflers. Sounds ok but still has that 6 sound. do you think by putting a H pipe in it would give me a deeper sound?
  17. An H will give you a deeper sound, I would sell the dynomax's on ebay and go with Flowmasters, Magnaflow, Borla or JBA's. Just my opinion, but after you put in a H pipe your dyno's may still sound 6ish. Dynomax's are popular on imports and are known to sound high pitch.