V6's Rapid depreciation [whining]

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by shooterm1, May 23, 2008.

  1. Worked all day on trying to make a deal on a new Mustang today ...
    (w/ Memorial Day $ale + incentives)

    deal wont pencil out due to the rapid depreciation of my Sixer :(

    I paid right at $21k (plus fees) including $5K down, rapidly paid down to a balance owed of $7k ...

    Guess what they offered for trade-in ?

    yep,,, just $7K !!!! :eek:

    55,000 miles + 33 months = 2/3 value lost :bs:

    no wrecks / no abuse / dozens of upgrades / por nada

  2. ha i got 94000 on mine and ow 20 grand and other than some body mods, but they are low balling you kbb for mine is around 7 and i beleive thats trade in value.
    they just dont wanna give on the price.

  3. KBB says 12k on mine
  4. Sad is'nt it? :(
    Did you look it up on kbb? some stealers will give you kbb and some wont. the mileage kills you too. :nonono:
  5. X-mas 2008 came on May 25th

    The dealership called last night and gave in on my trade-in ($10K) :banana:

    .... brought home a BULLITT today :flag:
  6. Dang it boy movin up in the world. Congratulations!!! :)
  7. Good for you!
    You have to play hardball with the dealers sometime.
  8. Hey Brad!

    You got 94,000 on your 06?


    I have 95,500 on my 06.

    You should join our club as you are obviously a "Roamin' Pony"...
  9. Congratulations my friend!


    "Shooter" now has a "Bullitt" to carry his "M1" in...

  10. yeah i know if i was closer i would so go on some cruises thats some pretty country up there.lol hey a car is made to be drivin right and taken care of you can get a couple hundred thousand miles.
  11. Sounds like you did OK. Can you get me a Shelby at a good price? I can't.
  12. dam i havent even hit 20k on my 05 yet :eek::lol:
  13. I will be hitting 100,000 this week!!!

  14. i just got transferred and work is less than a mile away now. i dont think i will ever hit 100k lol.
  15. Had mine for a year and at 17000 and some change.
  16. im about to hit 100,000 easily within the next month car still lokks like new well i need new seats there a little worn:nice:
  17. SGT or GT500?
  18. SGT. Am I correct none are being built for 2009?
  19. not sure about the SGT. i have not really kept up with it this year. been busy with life, and the expectation that i will be keeping my car for at least 2 more years unless ford decides to give us those cubes. :D