v8 motormounts

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by manny, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. please forgive the spelling but i found an ad in a mag for " Hieghts" suspensions and they sell mustangii front ends for street rods but they also sell v8 motor mounts for those front ends for $45 a pair. just thought i'd pass this on.:nice:
  2. here is the correct spelling HEIDT'S.:nice:
  3. i thought that would help all of us out there with V8's in our II's.
  4. Are they offset like the stock pieces? I think thats been the problem with aftermarket mounts.
  5. Anybody know if these will work with our cars? I need a pair for my car but don't want to order & ship a pair to the UK only to find out there no good! cheers, Dave.
  6. motor mounts from heidts

    I emailed them and when i get a reply ill let ya know.:SNSign:
  7. Hate to burst the bubble but those are not correct for a 302 or other V8 to be mounted in a Mustang II no offset, will not bolt up.
Thread Status:
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