WTB/Trade V8 Mustang II Motor Mount


New Member
Jun 7, 2020
Well I really messed up this time. I am retomoding a 1978 Mustang King Cobra. I have a great King Cobra car and a V8 parts car. Both had good running motors so I pulled them both and sold them. Not realizing at the time there are no aftermarket motor mounts available for V8 Mustang II's I did not remove them from the engines before I sold them. Thinking at the time I would not reuse old mounts. Now I come to find out I can't find any mounts that will work. Yes I can fab some up but really don't want to go that route. Anybody out there have a set they would be willing to sell me. Any condition is fine as they do sell rebuild kits for them. I just can't believe I had two sets and never thought they were irreplaceable.
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