V8 Radiator Shroud Installation

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  1. After finally receiving my very expensive, but very nice v8 radiator shroud for the Ghia, I raced into the garage and proceeded to break it in two places while trying to squeeze it down between the radiator and the fan. :bang: Some JBWeld, Superglue and 24 hours did a great job of making it one piece again, but this time, I thought I'd gain some knowledge before making another attempt at installation. So, what's the trick? Do I have to pull the radiator out to install it? :shrug:
  2. Yep, pull rad, lay shroud over fan, slide radiator back in, bolt up shroud.
  3. Thanks Cobraman. You'd think Ford could have left an 1/8 inch or so clearance when they were designing the bloody thing.
  4. Well, the fan works best when it's partially enclosed by the shroud. IIs are nothing, try a '69-82 Vette sometime. :bang:
  5. You could also pull the fan. I find that's neater than dealing with antifreeze.
  6. and its alot quicker too
  7. My question is, if the shroud was being forced hard enough between the radiator and fan for it to break what happened to the radiator fins and tubes?
  8. Funny thing is, I really wasn't pushing it hard. I think I may have been more optimistic about its flexibility than I should, but rest assured, no radiators were harmed in this experiment. :D
  9. Precisely why I install the shroud first.

    That and the fact that I don't have the need to remove the shroud unless the rad is coming out anyway.

    With the shrouds (20 year old plastic, think cargo panels) being relatively brittle, I prefer not to stress them by working through them while pulling the fan.

    Wonder why the 302 got such a flimsy plastic one, while the 2.3 and 2.8 got heavier units with (apparently) more fiber/composite content? :shrug: