V8 Supercars-Australia-Did anyone else stay in/up late to watch?

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  1. V8 Supercars are so cool. They beat NASCAR hands down. I love this type of racing and these drivers are amazing. Marcus Ambrose races in the trucks NASCAR style racing and he does pretty well Too bad hes not racing where he came from or he probabally would be cleaning up.

    Australians know how to do it-screw these "cars of the future"

    Other great forms of racing include but are not limited to:
    Formula One
    A1 GP
    Formula Three
    And of course my favorite
    I'm the proud owner of a 2006 CRG Road Rebel with a 125cc Rotax engine
    Quick Karting Stats
    0-100 in under 6 seconds 0-100-0 in around 10 seconds and 2.5gs in a corner!

    I used to love drag racing but its over so fast.
    On a race track you can go all out for hours-even a full day.
    What do you guys like to participate in/watch?
  2. Australian V8 Sports cars is on this very minute!

    Currently, my favorite racing to watch is WRC. I love the in-car of 100mph runs in a 7' wide car on a 12' wide course with a 1000' drop on one side and a sheer wall on the other. AWESOME!!!!

    I used to love F1 but the M. Schumacher show kinda ruined it. I knew I was watching history being made but I had a hard time staying involved (watching). My favorite driver, J.P. Montoya (since he was with Target/Chip Ganassi) has jumped ship to the worst racing on the planet. What a waste of talent. I think he was the only contender to take Schumacher off the throne. Just couldn't get the equipment to do it. For F1, the Ayrton Senna years were the best for me.

    As far as what I like to do in the real world, it has been a long time but I loved autocrossing. I always came in from a lap with my hands and knees shaking from excitement. ;) Open track days at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course were always a blast, too.
  3. for me its formula1, american lemans series:flag: , and speed GTseries.

    montoya had to be retarded! to do that.

    Kimi's going to take it this year hands down, the mercedes maclaren team had alot of mechanical issues

    the austrailian supercar v8 is only on early morning so i dont watch too much of it but they do race pretty hard.

    Has anyone ever gone to a race? I went to the twelve hours of Sebring last year and year before that and am going this year late march a couple of days before my 21 birthday:nice: :nice:

    i wont even mention how stupid nascar is.:nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: a bunch of rednecks turning left:nono: :nono: :nono:

    one of the guys just hit pit entrance:rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  4. I agree, NASCAR IS LAME.
    None of them, with the possible exception of Robbie Gordon, could get into any kind of race car and finish with in the middle of the pack. Robbie Godon gets my respect for competing in the Dakar Rally (even though he destroyed his ride).
    Look at Tony Stewart, he does really well but he is a fat ass. He could never compete on any non oval track.
    Oval racing is requires less skill and overall its just gay.
  5. I'm not a big fan of watching racing... maybe a lap or two just to look at the cars, but still... i get bored easily

    Plus, If you can turn, you're not going fast enough. :)
  6. Have any of you guys actually been to a NASCAR event?

    It's a ton of fun, everyone is drunk but I've never seen a fight or people acting innapropriately. If I had kids I'd have no problem taking them. Compare that to a professional basketball, football, baseball, or hockey game. Drunken rowdy fans throwing beers onto players, screaming profanity, etc etc.

    It's a much better crowd.. I will watch some nascar on TV, but not a whole lot.

    I don't have cable so I dont get to watch all that fancy racin!

  7. sometimes formula1 and american lemans some of the races are on regular tv. too bad the series hasnt started yet
  8. There is word that Ford is trying to generate interest in re-vitalizing the Trans-Am series, or something like it. I read it in Car and Driver (Dec 06 issue). They are building a "spec" type race Mustang (FR500GT) that would be very good for a series like that. The cars are built from REAL bodies, not a full tube chassis car. I would LOVE to see that! It would be a good series to run with the ALMS. Chevy could build the Camaro and Dodge could use a Challenger and/or Charger for it. The Stang is being designed for a "store-bought, turn-key car" racing series. Let's hope.
  9. Adam is right, watching a race and going to one are two different things.

    As I've stated I dont like NASCAR that much but I would go to a race any day.
    I've been to two NASCAR races and its tons of fun.

    You tailgate before and do a lot of pregame drinking.
    Then you get to bring your own kooler in stuffed with as many beers as it can fit. All in all its a killer time!

    And if Ford revived the Trans-Am Series I would watch with great anticipation.
    The closest things racing has to that are SCCA, Brittish Touring Car Championship, and V8 Supercars.