V8's are better than V6's (Right?)

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Which do you prefer and why?

  1. V8

  2. V6

  3. 4 Cly

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  1. A stock V6 running a mid 14 in the 1/4th!? Pass whatever it is you're smoking! :lol:
  2. What are you talking about? HALF a second is a huge difference! Half a second in the 1/4th is about 3 carlengths.

  3. I'm not sure where your going with this, but in defense...my car cost $2900 used. An o/r h-pipe later and I was running 13.9's. That's a 13 second car for slightly over $3000. The problem is though, these cars are used. If you want to buy a new car that runs 13's stock, you will be paying 20k plus on average for one.

    The problem with your 4 bangers and 6 cyl's is that they will never have the potential of a larger displacement v8. Thats not to say they are a bad car, or that they cant be made fast. They are just not for everyone. In the same token, neither are v8's.

  4. Like I said he is a moron.
  5. V8 over anything else.

    let's face it. the whole mystique behind the Mustang is V8 rwd power. ask anyone who knows even the slightest bit about cars what a 289, 302, 351, 390 and 427-9 are, they can tell you they are Mustang V8's. ask the average Joe what a 232 is, and they probably won't know. where does the muscle car rumble come from? V8's!

    as i've stated several times before. i have no problem with the V6. it is a necessity for us to have affordable V8's. they are more economical for those who want the style, but not the price or fuel consumption.

    the GT and Cobras are for those enough fortunate enough to be able to afford them and want the classic V8 + rwd + dual exhaust combo of sportiness.

    to hate one or the other because of what it does or does not have is ignorance. and jealousy has no place in the Mustang community.
  6. Who said anything about a 1999 4cl car? I just said I could do a 4cl for less :rolleyes: I'm talking about the 2.3Ts which guys have gotten 735 rwhp out of. Its pretty easy to get them around 250-300rwhp using stock J/Y parts. Then you spend another 2500.00 and get it up to 400-500hp. So depending on how mcuh you payed for your car and if you can do all the work your self you could have a 400-500hp 4cl for less than 7k. Now if I had to buy and build a 1999 car it would have to be a V6 stang. These came with the 193 hp motors and can be had for around 5-8k. That would give me atleast 8k to get it up to your speed. Now its probly not that hard to get double the hp out of a car with 8k. Also keep in mind that is only the cost of your car and not what you spent on the mods. Crap that would probly be around 13 grand to just get a V6 to 500hp. Now I know what your thinking its not a cool sounding V8 and everyone want like you without those Cobra badges but what would you rather do look cool are haul a$$? Also if you really have to have a V8 buy a 95 and under GT, these can be had for 8k or less. Crap then you throw 13k at that V8 and your really cooking. That is just if you really have to have a V8. Don't get me wrong I like your car but to me you could have went faster with the same amount of cash or less.
  7. Oh yeah, well I can find an old <whatever> at a junk yard for like $100 and do all the work myself and spend everything on aftermarket.........

    Who gives a ****, we can have a pissing contest on the "What's cheaper" issue all day long.
  8. First of all to buy a 13's second car for a hair over 3k is not a bad deal in my mind even if its a V8. My main deal is when people buy a 20-40k car and it runs 14-13's in the 1/4. That is plain dumb to me you are proof that some people are out for speed vs the bux :nice: To me if you pay 20-40k on a car it better run 12's without adding anything to it. I'm just a cheap person looking for the best power for the bux. I don't care if my car looks like crap or even if its got a radio in it. I beaten S.S. Camaros in a rust bucket N/A SBC Chevy truck and left a few 5.0L guys wondering about my 4cl.

    As for the 4cl/V6s not haveing the Displaement of a V8 well a good chunk of V8s who have & will incounter my 4CL have to ask them selves one question..."Is There Replcement for Displacement?" I got guys in my town running 9's in very streetable 4cl cars.

  9. Pro-hawk, your still not getting the point. Sure a v8 is cheaper than a 6, but deals are to be had for both. Hell my brother bought a 99 v6 flood car for 3k. We installed a complete 96 cobra driveline, suspension, brakes etc. and voila. 107mph traps for a grand total of around 11k.

    As for your your 4cy's, they are not as cheap as you are making them out to be. Sure the inital 75 hp is relativley easy, but once you start surpassing that there you have to start looking into major head/intake work, fuel system upgrades. As with any other car with high amounts of boost, engine longevity really starts coming into play. Sure you can get some great h/p gains with extreme boost and race fuel, but the same can be done to a v8 with much, much lower amounts of boost, and at a relativly inexpensive price.

    Again, 4cyl and 6cyl engines have a major disadvantage. Less displacement. No matter how many mods and money you put into them, there will allways be a v8 that is capable of more.
  10. Not everyone see it your way. I guess your a bit more frugal with your funds. Theres nothing wrong with that. But to expect a car to run 12's for under 30k is a bit to much to ask. Hell, there are only a handfull of cars that will run 13's stock that are msrp'd in the 20k range.

    I personally would rather have a quick car than a pretty one. You have to draw the line somewhere though. Granted beating fast cars with a pos is a novel idea, I would rather do it in atleast some style.
  11. There is no replacement for displacement. All the 4 cylider guys are doing is stuffing our bigger engine's displacement of air and fuel into a smaller engine. :D
  12. As for the guys in your town running 9's with 4cyl's, good for them. But they are not running street fuel. They have also put an extreme amount of money into their vehicles. It would have been cheaper to do it with a v8, with less boost, and more reliable too. I'm not saying that it's a waste. Hell, any car that runs the 9's is a helluva car in my book.
  13. That's the whole point moron. Hell like Gino said I can buy a 5.0 for $2,000 and put a twin turbo kit on it using GN turbos and have 700rwhp all for less than $5,000. :rolleyes:

    That is great and all but unlike you I have experience with power in a car. Sure you can put all the power in a V6 but what happens when you blow the tranny? Opps! Also how are you going to put down 483rwhp when you spin one tire? Opps! Also what about the fuel system? Opps! There is about 10 different things you have to change in a V6 car to make it handle that kind of power. Ford already did these things to the Cobra because...well that is what it is made for. And what will happen when you resale your V6 that has 500rwhp? My car and a GT will hold its value a hell of alot better than your V6.

    You forgot junior, I got both.

    If I wanted to own a 95 or under car I would have bought one. And I'm glad you like my car, but to me there is more to having a car than just power. Obviously you think the opposite, OH WAIT no you don't you own a V6. :notnice:
  14. Another thing worth mentioning has to do with insurance. Sure you can pour a lot of money into a v6 mustang, but guess what. Unless you insure everything you've done, it will be a complete loss if your car gets stolen. If you do decide to fully insure your hardearned mods, your insurance will soon be up to gt standards or above. "Turbo" and "Supercharger" are key words for insuance companies. Thell hit you hard as soon as you try to get them insured. If you dont, your asking for trouble.
  15. Thats my whole point a deal on both. I believe you could go faster if you wouldn't waste money buying a BRAND new car.

    As for the 4cl deal...The first 75hp gain cost me about 1000.00 since I didn't port the head my self. The fuel system upgrade is the same as any 5.0L guy since we use the same intank fuel pump and FPR (170.00). Now for me to upgrade my injectors will be free since a friend gave me a set but they usualy sell for 40.00 on ebay. They are good I think to 350hp after that I think I will need 42lb which Probly run 100.00-150.00 a set on ebay. My main problem with the intakes is deciding on what to do with them ;) Those things are really simple and can do your self but if you can't a guy on the net sells both for 160.00. I should have some new pics posted soon on what I decide to do with the intakes. If I want to go past the 300hp mark it will get a hair high probly cost me a extra 3000 to get 500hp. That is around 7k that would take for me to build one and a streetable one at that. Since I'm more I got the car for OPRR 250hp is more than I will need and to eat some rice every now and then.
  16. i love how people **** and moan over insurance too. just shop around and if necessary adjust your coverage levels. it isn't that hard. i had a brand new GT at 20 years old with a perfect record and I was paying 205 a month. full coverage..oh yea i wasn't a retard who kept getting tickets either. so quit ****ing about insurance.
  17. I've got my SVO insured about 1500 over what I payed for it bone stock ;) USSA takes pretty good care of me and besides I'm 29yrs old I stoped worring about high insurance years ago. Hell in a few more years it will be insured as a classic and even cheaper insurance for my weekend rice eater :nice:

    Now when I was young I drove trucks, to the agents all trucks had V8s and were not raced. So I HotRoded those out instead. Now this takes a little more thought and money since you have to use a ton of power to get a full size truck into the 13's or lower.
  18. Crap and I bet your payment was over that also :jaw: Man I would have died to be 20 years old and could aford that :D Either you had a kick ass job or your dad did.
  19. No offense....but you sound like a redneck. And if you are you posts make complete sense. I'm sure you would argue with a guy that owns a M3 because your rust bucket could out run him. Man what is he thinking driving around that expensive slow car? :nonono:
  20. well of course my payment was. it was 342 a month. however i worked hard for my money and did just fine. oh yea i, i am a full time student too :) and my parents paid for exactly $0.00 of what i have.

    my GT put down 272 rwhp and 283 rwtq when i sold it.
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