V8's are better than V6's (Right?)

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Which do you prefer and why?

  1. V8

  2. V6

  3. 4 Cly

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  1. hah :bs: whered you work law firm? There no way you can afford to goto school bought 3 cars on a partime job... but hey who am i to judge, i aint sayin that the 6's are good they's crap and i can't wait to get into a v8, but my part time job isn't ceo of AT&T so i gotta wait a while... yes your v8's are better...

  2. Umm I'm huessing you have a free ride through school and live on campus also ;)
  3. ummm no. i actually have started paying off the 1st of my student loans and i live in an apartment.

    its called working hard. i work about 35 hours a week for my money. i've earned everything that i have. :)
  4. :scratch: I'm a redneck because I don't worry about insurance :shrug: Judging by this post I must have hit a nerve and I'm sorry about that. My point was simply dirrected at people like you that in my opinion got screwed when they bought there car. In my opinion if you pay 25k+ on a car it better not need another 5k+ to do 12's.
  5. I like the V8 in mustangs. The I6 in a supra is great for the rpm and high end HP. Then again a centrifugal supercharged viper V10 is fun too. :)

  6. how much an hour :scratch:
  7. i was a server at a restraunt, so about 15 an hour before taxes, including tips and at my other job i worked at a wine/cigar store pulling in 8 an hour before taxes.
  8. I wasnt' really thinking about the classic mustangs with the I6 or classic mustangs at all for that matter, most of the classic owners can get along though.
  9. Power isn't what makes a Mustang, its the price tag. I think you got Mustangs confuzed with Vettes.
  10. Not bad you managed to have two jobs and a full time student :nice: I really would need to see your tax forms since I can't find my calculator ;)
  11. i quit the restraunt job and now i work for a CPA doing tax planning/prep and general accounting. i know what i made and what i paid in taxes :)

  12. I think its funny when people post stuff like this, why take the time to post after you already wasted time reading it???
  13. Really how old are you again? As for what you made/make well I still would need to see those tax forms. Do you want to see all of mine :shrug: I have a CPA on staff all year around and pay taxes quarterly. We set down each quater and guess on what the years taxes is going to be and pay out. Most of the time its over and the money goes back into the company. Only a CPA could understand them ;)
  14. I'm 21. I don't pay estimated taxes at all because I am a W-2 employee, not a 1099. I'm not on salary so there's really no point in estimating taxes for my income :)
  15. V8 or hate!!

    To tell the truth I can't stand either one of those pissy modulars. Start out with a 5.0 and build a 351 and when you feel like having fun then shoehorn in a 427...

    I have the 4cyl, it's ungodly slow but at least I haven't been able to break it and it is a pleasure to work on... unfortunately it is EFI and has all the reliability that comes with that rat's nest of wires, but at least it isn't the newer government approved high tech junk.

    So to answer the question, 444 Diesel :D
  16. edit: Wrong post for the wrong thread

    turning off my sig every post sucks, i wish they would turn it back off and you have to check it if you want it
  17. I've done it in a stock v6 second gear at a standstill.................. oh you mean both tires at the same time. :D
  18. In a way you started it. Like i said before you should have called this thread "Why do you love your Stang?". I'm pretty sure all this wasn't your goal, but what did you expect? I mean, in your title, you already made a strong statement that is based on one personal opinion. All the time i have read this forum, I have found out that most people do not try to understand others if their opinions are different.
    Don't mean to flame you, but you should not have started this thread.

  19. Yeah that was the wrong post for this thread i had to many windows open at once got confused. Although i do think the forums on this site have gone way down hill, not really sure how i caused the whole site to go down hill with one post but anyways. And why should i have not started this thread just because other people on this site have a problem with excepting others opinions? Thats their fu**in problem not mine. Don't mean to flame you.

    I also think this thread is doing great, its going exactly as i figured it would.
  20. Originally Posted by Monkie
    I was showing you that I spin both tires...not one.

    Oh also that was 2nd gear stand still. I'd pay you $500 if you could get your V6 to do a 2nd gear stand still in the summer time on a paved road with no water on the ground. You clutch would be

    Should I tell you were to send the check too?
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