V8's are better than V6's (Right?)

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Which do you prefer and why?

  1. V8

  2. V6

  3. 4 Cly

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  1. Yea man, as soon as you take a video of your V6 doing a 2nd gear stand still with 275 BFG drag radials with the road not wet and it has to be on a paved road. Hell, if you can spin one 275 BFG DR I'll send you the check. :rlaugh:
  2. What is happening to this family?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!
  3. Okay, a good price tag for the power.
  4. I voted V6, because the thing performs admirably and is fun to drive - it's great value. My wife and I call it "Fun Factor" and our's is pretty high on that list. The only other option for me is a Cobra.... someday.
  5. like it's been said before, the 4cyl exuast is acquired. i've been blessed to acquire it at a young age.

    2.3L all the way

    and if your lucky you'll get the 2.3T
  6. So you know, the V6 puts on the better smoke show. You can power brake a V6 all day. Try that in a V8 and your brakes are gonna melt and you are going to have some serious work ahead of you when it comes to fixing them.

  7. People like Monkie aren't worth your time man...besides, his check would bounce..he's got all his money tied up in trying to compensate for his case of small man syndrome by owning a DECENT car....wonder if I should break the news to him that you don't have to have 300 + HP to do a smoke show.. :shrug:
  8. Well its a new day and I haven't had any Dr Pepper so I'm not as bad of a jerk as last night. Sorry about all my crap.

    Anyways enough name calling ;) All I would like to know is whats with burn outs anyways and exspecaliy in second gear? Other than heating your tires up before a run I really can't see the point in it. Some guy spinning there tires in a parking lot or on the street proves nothing to me. I got a 10 foot set of marks in front of my house chasing down some Jerk in second gear. Now does this mean I run a 12's or less? Heck no at the time my car rans 15's :bang: That is in a stock four banger doing the 10 ft burn out with both tires also ;) The only cool thing to me after I cooled down was the fact it was done on a slight curved road and I never lost control of it. Koni 3/way adjustables with quad shock rear end is the only way to go and its all stock :nice:

  9. Thank you
  10. I agree with you....AGAIN!.. :D Unless you can afford to fork out the money for a new set of tires, I see no point..and honestly, even then, I see no point.
    P.S.- I removed the name calling from my earlier post as part of my personal effort to create a more friendly posting environment....lol. :D
  11. It's gonna have to be a V8, becuase if you think about it , if the V6 was better than the V8, the SVT cobras would be V6's. I'll have to go with the guys over at SVT on this one.
  12. i can do a 2 wheel burn out on dry road, just ask the 3 burnt up clutches in my garage... (don't do 2nd gear burn outs they hurt your clutch kiddies) but none the less i can do one
  13. Umm I don't really have the time to go into this so I will try and keep it short. The SVOs as we all know are all 2.3Ts and was Ford racing department (kinda). We also kow Ford has a way with ending its racing department each time they get new mangament ( like Leiacoca how ever you spell it). So they caned the SVO department and years later started up a new racing department this time called SVT. Well if Ford hadn't have killed its SVO racing department it would still today becalled SVO. As we all know Ford droped out of racing blah blah got back in and now its SVT. My point I'm getting at is the brain child that even launched the idea of SVT was FIRST using four banger cars :nice: There is a little more history involved also. The 1987 SVO was canned because of guess who...No not because of some Jerk manager. It was the V8 crowd that called no joy from a soon to be released 280-300 plus hp four banger. This was to be the best SVO ever since it would imploy the twin cam system which we all know producess 289hp with just 10psi of boost. (we know from guys who has adapted a Volvo 16v head to a 2.3T) That is 100hp more than my 85' SVO at 15psi of boost. In fact SVO had to put down less hp on its 85.5 SVO because people were not pleased with buying a V8 that had less power than the turbo four that was offered.
  14. You make good points.

    IMO, the appeal of the V8 is about musclecar herritage, greater starting displacement (for more overall potential) and the RUMBLE of it all.

    Small displacement motors are somewhat buzzy up top no matter how you tune the exhaust, and that doesn't sound very masculine. The throaty roar of a V8 Mustang bearing down reminds you of a dominant predator in the animal kindom... like a Lion lettin' you know where he stands. That's one reason people WANT ONE.

    I hear I4 and V6 trying to pipe up their exhausts only to sound more like Bees and a Flatulent Old Ladies. Hell, I paid relatively big bucks to get my old SVT Focus to NOT buzz and fart up top. Took a Borla system to get a bit of low tones from that motor, but it had to go quiet after 4K RPM or it would have started sounding like rice. At that RPM, the Mustang V8 starts sounding really badass... ADMIT IT!

    Also, getting much torque out of a small motor requires some hella-strong internals (generally) and so... HELL NO it isn't cheaper to do it. You've got to start with forged guts immediately or forget about it. You can get 400 RWHP (and torque to match) pretty reliably out of only crap cast rods & pistons with the V8.

    Why do you think the really strong small displacement motors cost so much to buy new?

    Your V6 is made cheap just like a 2V V8, so it won't take a greater leap in percentage of power output than a V8 would. No, you just start with less potential overall, and so your cap on reasonably achievable power is LOWER in the end.
  15. Most of us know this and it is true, I agree. But why not do it, its a great hobby, no matter how you slice it and no matter what your starting platform is, most take the easy road, hell I was about to quote Robert Frost "some take the road less traveled." :rlaugh: whatever floats your boat though, just have fun doing it.

  16. You make good points your self but I amdmit nothing :D J/K

    I'm a through and through American car lover and theres nothing like the sound of a V8. Now I love the true sound of power not the sound of exhaust. The RAW power of a motor with a cam that would rather rip your heads off than race ya ;) I'm just making representing the 5% 4CL owners and making sure our motor is in the hat so to say :nice: You will never believe how close I came to a V8 before I bought my 4 banger. It all started with a 03' stage III Roush mustang and got down to a 1989 Saleen. I just figured I could buy a used Saleen to do the same job cheaper. When the 89' Saleen got up more than I could build a car for I droped out of the biding. Then I bought a 88' TC to swap the motor into my economical car :) It will be a cool sleeper for sure. Once I got ready to start it I found a SVO in great shape. Now I have mimimum work to get her ready for this years OPRR ;)

    As for the toqure of a motor is pretty much what sepprates the small enigines from the V8s. This allows a V8 to kick ass and take names later when racing ricers. You're right must of the kits for small engines cost a ton mostly for ricers that I've seen. Most of the internals for a 2.3T can hold up to around 400+ hp stock while the 2.3Ls deffer from year to year. The 91-93' 2.3Ls can handle up to 300hp stock but if your running boost it will require forged pistons ( like you said) which isn't to bad compared to a V8. This is my first Turbo car ever but I have found that it really helps on the torque. Every race even the ones I loose to, I take off just as hard as they do even a V8. This blows my mind and really NEVER thought a 4cl could launch like that.

    All and All as long as its American I really don't care. My whole deal was whether its a 4CL, V6 or V8 there is no way I would pay 20-40 grand for a car that don't run 12's. If I have to add another 5-7k to get it to move on top of 20-40k to heck with that ;) Besides you will never get rich buying a new car unless its Jeff Gordon buying a new stock car :D
  19. This thread is still alive :shrug:

    Mookie you really bore me!!! I don't need money either!! If some one will walk me through posting a video I got a V6 doing this with atleast 275 slicks. At the time I didn't think it was a V6 but when he blew his rear end out on the next run I went over and talked with him. It was a 01' V6 mustang which they spent less than 22.5k total and also if your a die hard V8 guy don't watch because its a V8 in the other lane loosing ;) Now my question still stands whats the point of doing second gear spins whether its on slicks or not :shrug: I can see a warm up burn out but to say ones car is better because they can do this is a complete fool. Is this in some way making up for having a shorty or is this a lack of attention for ones dog :shrug:
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