V8's are better than V6's (Right?)

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Which do you prefer and why?

  1. V8

  2. V6

  3. 4 Cly

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  1. Ok im tired of this, Look some people likve v-8s some people like 6's. WHat the heck is wrong with that??? Just because you like a v-8 doesn't mean you have to make us 6ers feel like **** because we don't have the same thing as you! You drive v-8s, their faster.... ok.. ppl who want a fast car out of the box buy v-8s. People who want some econmy, and still the style of the mustang get 6's. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT? IT's personal preference. If i was to go buy a v-10 viper... and a v-8 pulled up next to me... i'd give him a nod and say Nice Car Man. I wouldn't say "HAHAHAHA you only have a v-8 hahaha" Because it's his choice to have the v-8 and not go buy like a viper or something. Just like it's our choice to have a 6, heck, if we wanted we all of us could go buy a v-8, but we don;'t want to. We like our 6's they have just enough power for us and get us around town at 20 mpg, and with these prices on gas.... we'll still be on the road.. when all the v-8s are in garages... or in front of houses with for sale signs in them. Now im nor out to start a fight, im just trying to say respect ppl who drive WHAT THEY WANT TO DRIVE. They bought the v-6 because they wanted 2, they didn't go buy a v-8 just so they can please other people. IF you see a person who drives a 6, don't give him **** because he didn't buy his car to please you, he bought it to please himself, which is they way things should be. And with all you guys that give us 6's crap, evetually that person will be tired of getting the crap all the time from the "v-8's" and he just sell his car and get himself a nice caviler, and then he won't have to worry about all this BS. Your only hurting the mustang itself by doing this, your getting people to sell their mustangs and buy cav's, is that what u want? All because they didn't own a v-8?
  2. I respect V6 owners as much as any other Mustang owner, but let me put it this way - if the V6 was the only powerplant available for the Mustang, I wouldn't own one.
  3. Well I bought my stang 3 years ago and had no attention on modding. Now I have spent prob around 5,000-6000 on the looks of my stang alone! If I were to sell and get a brand new V8 mustang, I would prob have to add around 11-12 thousand dollars to get the extra 110 HP. Just image what I could do with my V6 powerwise with around 11 grand! I could rebuild, add a supercharger, and lots of other goodies. I could prob get a good 350+HP out of my six

    With that said, I have beatin many, many V8 stangs, camaros, vettes, etc. at shows its a very good feeling! I even had some people stand up and started yelling because my V6 beat their V8. Now imaging if my V6 stang had 350+HP and we're beating all them V8's at the track and stuff! That would put the V8 owner in shame.

    Inconclution: I like V6's better, because you can make them faster than just buying a stock brand new V8 and save on insurance in the process. Plus you can sneak up on all the V8 owners that think they can toast your 350+HP powerplant

    I have nothing against V8's at all, I LOVE all stangs.

    But to be honsest, if I could start all over, I would have chosen a V8! I just have so much cash tied up into my stang, that if I sold, baught a GT, then added all the mods I currenlty have, it would cost thousands and thousands!
  4. Ok... well when you can get 20+ mpg in the city with your v-8 maybe u'll recieve $500
  5. How about 285 555's, but in first gear, considering second doesn't max out until 60mph in my car.
  6. Oh noes! I get bad gas mileage. :eek: Good thing I can afford gas! :nice:
  7. Well to tell the truth your avarage 5.0L and probly 4.6Ls mustangs gets pretty good gas mileage. Now if they got some pretty serious mods that may change that I'm sure. Also it depends if they can keep there foot of of the gas but crap what fun would that be ;)
  8. My 5.0 got the same mileage as my 2.3 before I started modding it. I would get 26-27 mpg highway, that droped a little when I put on my rockers and got a heavier foot =o)
  9. I get 21mph on my Cobra so it isnt THAT bad.
  10. I prefer the V8. Who cares about gas LOL. But seriously just look at my sig and you understand why I prefer the V8 :D
  11. Told ya so ;) Thats one for the Myth busters :D
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  13. You only got 26-27mpg on the highway in your 2.3L? I used to have a 1993 Mustang LX four-banger and I would normally get about 25mpg around town and then about 33-34 on the highway. That thing was a beast (when it came to gas mileage :p)

    Right now when it costs $27 to fill up my little gas tank, I miss that car a whole lot :(
  14. i'd get about 24-26 on the freeway in my 5.0...in my cobra its about 22..so i didnt really take a hit on that. i took a hit on going from 87 to 91 octane gas

  15. At 21 and single with one speeding ticket (I got in the '66), I pay $144.93 a month on my '01 GT. I pay $44.21 on my '66. Full coverage for both. I know I get a little money off for having two cars, but it's not much. It must be my location...
  16. i get like 20 mpg in my v6 on the interstate. :shrug: Not sure whats up with that.
  17. :scratch: Ummm...Not sure either. I would think it would be a hair better but not sure on the V6ers. What year is your car and stick/ auto ?
  18. 99' 5-speed, about 75,000 miles on it i've had it since 45,000 miles, i figured the 20 mpg on a trip to Fla. and after takeing off from the gas station i may have hit 4 once of twice for a short period of time so most of the driving was 5 gear about 75-80 mph @ 2000-2500 rpm
  19. Whens the last time you've done a full tune-up and change/clean the air filter? Check you air pressure in your tires to make sure they not to low or to high also.
  20. Tire pressure :nice:

    Air Filter (K&N cleaned recently with K&N cleaner) :nice:

    Injector cleaner (didn't help) :notnice:

    Oil changed every 3000 miles :nice:

    There are some other things wrong with it though, if i let out on the clutch fast or power shift it sounds like belts slipping but i think its from the tranny, also when i put the msd wires on i switch the lengh of the wires because i put the wires in front of the engine instead of behind it, all the wires go to the right places just the lenth of the wires was changed, still runs good though, anybody know if that would effect anything?
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