V8's are better than V6's (Right?)

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Which do you prefer and why?

  1. V8

  2. V6

  3. 4 Cly

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  1. Well hell dude I tryed :bang: :D I would make a new thread on fuel ecnonomy because I don't people will view this one much anymore. Also I would find out what that came with stock on fuel economy that way you know where you are at and need to go.
  2. When I was driving the ex's 03 GT the gas mileage was very similar to my 98 V6. So I would say the gas mileage thing doesn't wash, and the ins. thing is probably for people with bad driving records and/or are young and less experienced drivers.
  3. V6 since the V8 (GT and 99 and older Cobra) is slow for it's class (compared to F-body LS1 V8) whereas the V6 is much faster than most people expect it to be. Ever see a V6 stang take out a Lexus IS 300? I have.

    My opinon.

    BTW.. older 5.0's are a differnet story, those were... what I admire more than this 4.6 OHC... I'm talking about cars build in the last 10 years in my statments above.
  4. In my opinion I would close this thread :lock: :D

  5. Your actions contradict your statments. If you wanted the thread closed... why did you post in it?
  6. :confused:

    So a stock V6 Mustang with 190 hp can take out a stock Lexus IS300 with 215 hp? I don't know about the weights of these two cars, but the Toyota 3.0L I6 is a better motor than the Ford 3800. JMO. Having driven both, I'd say stock for stock the Lexus would win.
  7. Your right I should have emailed 77Sleeper and asked him to lock it :nice:

    Anyways my action/point is for people to get the idea that this is a dead issue and that replying to it saying this car is slow and that car is fast is pointless. They have already posted a warnning on the 4.6 talk threads about this Mustang on Mustang hate and I think its time we put this crud to rest. This threads has no tech help and has very little decent Mustang talk. That is just one mans opinion!
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