(VA)FS/FT: '89 LX Convertible [5.0/5sp]

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  1. Picked it up b/c she likes Mustangs and convertibles. Turns out she was thinking SN95, "the curvy ones" as she put it, and forgot to mention it to me. Now I'm left to deal with it. Women-Go figure.


    Name: JT
    Location: VA
    Contact: PM
    Car: 89 LX Convertible
    Miles: 69k
    Price: Prefer to trade it outright. Per her: SN95 vert, sn95 coupe, LX (coupe or hatch), GT in that order I guess.
    8 cylinders/manual transmission obviously.
    Stuff done:
    -headers (not sure who made em, but they're shorties)
    -O/R H and catback. (Bassani)
    -lowered (Dropzone)
    -hood (Harwood)
    -new carpet (black)
    -paint's about 2 yrs old
    -top re-dyed (white)
    -new headlights (clear)
    -wheels redone at the same time as paint/top (white)
    -seats were obviously replaced at some point(fronts, black- rears grey tweedy)
    Other: Aside from the above, the car's stock. As in just pulled the air silencer and distributor condom stock. Trans works, clutch works, top works, windows work, motor sounds/goes plenty healthy...I'm pretty sure thats it.
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  2. I'm seriously interested...98' gt, supercharged with a ton of extras...if you interested we'll talk
  3. i live in va, where in va are you? and how much would you sell the car for? you can email me at NWalker16@hotmail.com
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