Vacuum Canister

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  1. I'm looking to find a vacuum canister for my 75 Mustang II Ghia, V6, C4. Does anyone know where I can find one? or can I substitue it? or remove it completely?

    1965 Coupe and 1975 Mustang II Ghia
  2. I bought a new one at my local Ford dealer several years ago.
  3. How many vacuum line do you have going into the passenger side wheel well 1 or 2? The 75 I think would have a canister with 2 connections. Check the v6 rangers from the 80's+ if you find one with 1 hose connection follow the line up to the valve that has one line going to the can, one to the intake and one to the inside and take the valve too. Some had 2 connections (the valve is in the top of the can)some had 1 connection and a sep. valve. The 2 connection Ranger can is plug in play it's just taller but fits into the stock bracket.

    You can skip it for now but everytime you hit the gas the MII heater box will blast FULL Heat at your feet. Not a big deal in the winter but not much fun in the summer. With the larger Ranger canister I can change the heater settings several times with the engine off and the heater box will change. But I am also using it for the Cruise Control as well. So the bigger can is usefull to me for that was well.

    Good Luck.