Saleen value of 89-372 with mods

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  1. I am going to sell my 89 Saleen #372. It has 75000 miles, AFR165 heads with 18000 on them, T56 6 speed with 15000 miles on it, Ed Curtis cam, Tom Moss ported intake, corsa mufflers, 135A alternator, long tube headers with X pipe, aftermarked lower control arms with height adjustment, SCT chip and tune. It makes 290whp with 301 torque. Unfortunately, I don't have the original wheels. Instead I have SSR-GT3 18x8 and 18x9.5 (275/35 tires nicely tucked in the back). The car has no issues, I decided to go big with a turbo cobra and I cannot keep both. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Pictures, price and location would be a great place to start.
  3. here is a photo. I know I will never get close to what I have in it. I am in east tennessee. Interior is in good shape. Everything works. Thanks.

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  4. The wrong wheels, the wrong stripes, the cowl hood and the heavily modified engine kill most of the "collector" interest in the car. I'd price it a couple of thousand higher than a comparable GT. Maybe $8-9000 to the right person.
  5. Thanks for the input. I have put the original hood back on since this was taken, and the stripes are an easy fix. But your point is well taken on the wheels. This was actually a stripe delete car when it was born. I have a 2" thick book with all of the history and receipts. I was hoping the hp improvement and six speed would put it closer to $11K - I can't imagine someone being disappointed that the ho-hum stock 5.0L/drivetrain had been upgraded. I guess there is only one sure fire way to find out. Thanks again for your input.
  6. Any other opinions on value? I forgot to mention it is signed in 2 places by Mr. Saleen. Thanks.
  7. First off you need to post more pics of the car, interior shots, underhood, and more exterior shots as well.

    Like Wythors said, the original wheels would really help alot.
    I don't see the engine mods taking away from the price as the car does have 75,000 miles on it.

    Having the car signed will ad no value, as there are lots of them signed by Steve Saleen.

    Unfortunatley the market is kind of flat right now for any car, if you follow
    E-Bay and Auto Trader as a guide, you can pick up a really nice Foxbody Saleen right now in the $8-$10k range.

    Hope this helps, but it's a buyers market right now!