Roush Value of Roush Mustangs

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by lantz3, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. How do you know what the car is worth, I have a 2000 Roush Stage 2 w/all the options: interior, brakes, chrome wheels etc, 3800 miles, I just don't know how to value the car, and I think my insurance company thinks its a 2000 GT??? Good and Bad, I guess.....
  2. Of course your ins co thinks its a GT, because their is no special VIN number for the Roush conversions, thats good anyways, less $$ for you to throw out, unless you insure through Hagerty or other co, then you can do stated value and they will know you have a special Mustang.

    As far as value of the Roush cars goes....basically its what others are selling for, just take a look at the market and see what folks are asking. Now I can tell you that Roush cars in particular are all over the place in value. The Stage 3 (supercharged) cars are demanding the most value obviously and seem to be holding up fairly well in the market these days.

    Unfortunately we have no "book value" on our cars, all we have is what others are going for. Print out some listings of comparable cars for sale and show your ins co, thats a start. Good luck and go visit for Roush info. :)