Valve clatter could it be timing?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by jeffnoel, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. How much is the recurve kit w/ springs?
  2. It comes with the adjustable vac.
  3. oh no... this happened to me a couple days ago i had to get a new head....
  4. What happened?
  5. I'll try again...


    For some reason, this site doesn't seem to like sbf tech. If you go there and search "adjusting stud mount rockers" You will find a VERY VERY VERY informative read on valve train adjustment and set up. I wish I'd known before I spent my first penny on speed parts....
  6. The site's name is getting caught in the language censoring software.

    try modifing by adding an underscore so it so it's cantget_anydumber.

    I've tried to link pictures here before that were absolutely SFW (safe for preschool!) and it wouldn't let me.
  7. He's got pedestal mount rockers. Only way to adjust em is using shims.
  8. Just a question. Where did you have you vacuum hose connected. Was it to the mainifold, giving full manifold vacuum, or to the carby port?
  9. Carb port on side of metering block, were else I'm not totally stupid.
  10. Nice!
    Stupid? Yet to be determined.
    Assh0le? Likely.
  11. Sorry if I offended, didn't intend too.
  12. No harm done:nice: