valve cover not clearing throttle body

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  1. here is the problem i have tfs tall valve covers and a tfs track heat intake with a 1 inch spacer and the adpator i have is a tfs 1 but it bends down and the bottom of the t/b is not clearing the valve cover do all the adpators[edl,svo] bend down or is it just the tfs 1 if so what do you guys do to get it to clear everything all my other buddies are all old school and they just laugh at me and tell me to carb the motor so i figure if guys could help me i would be big help thanks in advance
  2. get some lower VC's. .. All the EGR spacers bend down, they did it for hood clearance.
  3. the TFS standard valve cover is actually 3/16" higher than stock. this with a 3/8 intake spacer will clear fine.. atleast it did with my performer intake with room to spare.. I disconected the egr tube though and blocked both sides as it wouldn't reach. This set up work fine with no computer problems or anything
  4. bonez95..just had the same issue with my Mac adapter and an Explorer...i tryed grinding some off the bottom of the TPS, it was the problem....i ended up having to dimple the VCs... :nonono: and i removed the EGR to, the adapter really put it into the VCs...i had to grind thru the entire bottom hole of the adapter to get there went the EGR...
    My VCs are like 3 3/4" tall...i run no spacer...

    its more the VCs being tall...they add alot of hassle, little chit like what your seeing..
  5. In the installation booklet for the TFS Intake it says that you need to grind the bottom corner off of your throttle body for tall valve cover clearance...I'm looking at them right now.
  6. hey thanks for all the good info i'm going to grind off the corner and a liitle of the tps and see what happens i didn't pay 130$ for a valve cover set-up to give away on e-bay lol 1 more quick queastion with only 1 egr whole what did you guys use to plug off the port i'm not running egr anyways emissoins are for the weak :nice:
  7. Not to be a dick, but use some commas/ periods. Its hard to understand what your saying.

    About blocking off the egr. You have two options - You can leave the valve on the egr elbow and cap it there with a fitting from homedepot and get another fitting(plumbing section, i forget what size) for the header as well.
    Otherwise you can remove the valve, and get a cleveland fuel pump block off plate, it costs about 8 dollars and fits perfect. Heres a pic of one so you know what to look for.. You will still need a fitting for the header.

    You can see the block off plate here..
  8. hey yellow 1995 cobra where can I find 1 of those block off plates. i tried summit and they tried selling me a big block chevey block off plate.If could give me a part number and where to find it,it would be most helpfull sorry about the sad as$ grammer that's :hail2: what you get for swinging a wrenck for a living
  9. can anybody help me out with this cleveland fuel pump block off plate issue please.
  10. I got it at a local performance shop. They had it on hand.. I dont remember the part #..
  11. i have the tfs short covers, a gt40 tubular intake and a 1/2" spacer. it all clears fine with no modification to the elbow, throttle body, or valve covers.

  12. i went to the standard tfs valve covers so now it all clears. i'm just tring to get the egr whole on the elbow to be cover up
  13. I'll tell you what i did to block it off.. I cut the egr tube in half and slipped both nuts off the tube.. I put a penny under the nut and screwed one down on the headers and the other down on the egr. the penny fits perfect and will seal it tight and the heat won't bother it.. or you could weld the holes on the nuts shut too.
  14. i did the penny thing for a while too. it gets aggrivating to change the penny every few days though.
  15. Are you running a stock hood with this setup? Any clearance problems there?
  16. i have a cobra r hood on it. it would be a very tight fit under the stock hood.