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  1. ok i already have some fox body covers that i cut out to clear my roller rockers. 1.6 FMS. but i want to know is, are there any nice aftermarket valve covers that will clear, and will also clear my upper. i have an explorer upper. maybe something like ford racing, or motorsports or something like that. not stuff like TFS and others. thanx

  2. well i know my buddy bought a set of FMS EFI covers and they wouldn't clear the stud mount RR on his TFS heads.. I know you said no to TFS but they really do have a sweet set of covers that will clear nicely. the standard set is actually 3/16" taller than stock and will clear very nice with the minimum of a 3/8 intake spacer.
  3. I dont see why the ford racing tall covers wont clear a explorer upper, maybe a intake spacer is in order too :nice:

    these are the ford racing polished aluminum ones on my 418, I love'em and they arent too pricey (around $110)
  4. well i can do a spacer, thats not really a prob, id LOVE to not have one, but ill do one if i have to. mainly i just want some nice efi covers that will clear my rr's. mine are ped mount though. i painted my fox ones and they look nice, but i want something a little more "cleaner"

    i know you guys know what i mean. lol.
  5. I said minimum of a 3/8 spacer.. I should say maximum.. I used a 3/8 on my 95 with a performer and had room to spare..

    5.0 HOtrain: lets here you combonation.. I getting ready to build a 408 and I'm curious on the parts you used and them headers :)
  6. 69 351 block, eagle 4340 crank/rods, je custom slugs, 418 inches, probe girdle, TFS "R" heads, msd pro billet dist, custom cam, supervictor intake, and those headers are 1 7/8 kooks. Thats the short list, but all the big parts. You can email me for any specifics if you'd like.

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  7. hey what about the 3-3/4" tall valve covers that look like mikes, they look like the tall ones, but i guess they're short....
  8. those "should" work, I ran AFR165's with 7/16 stud mount 1.6's with a little grinding to my stockers, same as you are now.