Valve Springs & Rockers E7 To Gt40

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  1. My e7 heads have beehive springs and stock rockers, if I bought a set of gt40's could I just swap them over and run em? My second question is about ptv clearance: I have flat top pistons w reliefs do y'all think I would have clearance issues w the gt40's or are the valves close enough in size as e7 that I should be safe? I realize that you're supposed to "clay it up" first but anyways what do y'all think?
  2. So anyway I'm looking at these and don't know if its a good deal or not. They claim to be "real" cobra heads but then unread that they don't have thermactor holes so that's a truck head huh and won't just bolt right up to my 95 gt and remain smog legal w out sum kind of jurry rigging?
  3. Most beehive springs require the spring cup area to be machined. So if this was the case with your E7TE's, then your GT40's will need to have the work done as well.

    You didn't say what cam you were running, so I'll say MAYBE on the PTV question.

    That add is mistaken, or he's trying to snow people to make the sale. F3ZE AA heads that came on the Cobra's had thermactor ports. Heads without them were found on early Explorers. So don't pay a premium for them. You can find them in any wrecking yard for half that.
  4. Didn't the Cobras come with pedestal RRs? The ones in the pic look like stud.
  5. Stock cam, 1.72 RRs, and shaved gt40x heads I have no issues.
  6. I was thinking the same as far as the thermactors, a other Internet hustla. The cam is comp 35-440-8 advertised duration is 281 on in and ex @ .050 220 in and ex and .512 lift in and ex. The springs the guy says comes w be heads were rated at .510 I believe