Expired Valve/tb Covers, Tails, Saleen Axleback, Tails Headlights Corners

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  1. hey guys, I have a few things for sale I just supercharged my car and I am looking to make a few bucs back on some extra parts I have I have let over. Everything is negotiable. I am located in Bloomfield NJ 07003. I rather not ship but if it does come to it, we can work something out buyer assumes shipping cost.

    here is a list and pricing:

    Sequential tail lights/harness bulbs included $75
    Rear Tail lights 2010 style black $125
    Manifold/tb cover black/silver lining $80
    Strut tower brace (4pt mount) clears cover &150
    Clear corner lights
    Clear headlights
    Black stock tail lights
    Stock cam shafts
    Front black honeycomb grill (matte black) black high gloss horse

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  2. -2010 TAILS SOLD!!!
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Not open for further replies.