Vapor Canister Purge Valve

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  1. I just got rid of mine and now the hose that used to run to the front from the tank just vents out the top of the tank. No more fuel smell, no hoses cluttering my engine bay either.
  2. I thought the vacuum line from fuel tank was cut and capped at charcoal canister, it's actually been diverted into the bypass valve along with hose from solenoid with a Y splice. So if solenoid opens, if it works, is doing nothing now. Should it go back through canister? Most of the hoses are dry rotted and cracking, replacing them neater, but they don't follow the diagram.

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  3. I have same problem when I fill up the smell of gas inside is almost overwhelming and when i went to put on computer it say plugs in under dash for 95 but my computer hook up is under the hood
  4. The 95 v6 uses the OBDII port under the dash, the v8 users the port under the hood. It's not unusual for service manuals and diagnostic software to lead you astray.

    Filling up shouldn't cause that much fuel smell from the vapor canister line even if it was completely removed. I'd bet you have a leaking rubber seal where the fuel filler pipe enters the tank. Those things dry out and cause leaks when the tank is full.
  5. Yes but I'm saying is my port is under the hood and not under the dash so. I look on door panel thinking maybe after September but if I remember correctly it's Feb i just want my baby to love me as much as do it