Variant of the 2005 Mustang to be unveiled?

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  1. First post here.

    I looked through the threads but didn't see any existing threads mentioning this. Have you guys seen this? Its about a new variant of the 2005 Mustang being unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I'm eagerly awaiting that one. I'm bettin on a vert though.
  3. Shelby! Please!
  4. Shelby Shelby ShelbyShelby.....p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeassssseee?!?!?!?1
  5. Yeah I was reading about this on BON. Seems like half the folks think it'll be a Vert a quarter thing it'll be an LX cheapy V8 and the rest are hoping from the range of Shelby,Mach or Boss. Personally after circling this on my proverbial calendar I'd feel like I've been kicked in the nuts if it turns out to be the vert(which I do think will be likely).
  6. Id love a shelby, or somthing along the lines of a lx v8. I have a feeling its going to be a vert though.
  7. Vert. I agree, a shelby or SVT car would be nice but a vert just makes sense. Intro Coupe, convertable, special edition, special edition convertable, etc, in that order.

    As far as the return of the LX V8, forget it. Remember the corvette Z06? Initially, that car was supposed to be a stripper performace version of the regular vette. (i.e., cloth seats, conventional (non-adjustable) suspension, optional air conditioning, etc). GM realized that they couldn't built the standard vette fast enough to supply demand, so why in the world would they build a car with less content *and* sticker it for less money? I imagine the same situation with the mustang, at least for the first year or two.
  8. id love to see a shelby also :nice:

    but i think thats also a good idea..
  9. I am betting a convertible, but would sign up REAL QUICK if it were a stripped down LX type car that came in about 3300 lbs, and $25K or less.

    Sir Hacksalot
  10. I agree that it will most likely be the Convertible. It's at least a verified model for 2005. I am eagerly awaiting. I will most likely get a 'Vert in '06 if the SVT is out of the $35K range and there are no Special Editions yet.

  11. I want a LX vert. :nice:
  12. Yup. I also read that their market research showed that no one who was going to spend $38K on a car was going to want it stripped. If Ford thought it was a good idea to have an LX type car, they would still be selling the GTS/248A. If people are willing to pay for the full GT, Ford might as well make a little extra money on the options.

  13. I dont really care what it is, Im just glad ill be able to see it at the Chicago auto show.
  14. Please excuse the ignorant question, but my knowledge of mustangs is lacking. I am tyring to bring myself up to date on the lastest and greatest as this '05 design has me drooling. I think about the day that I open my garage door and there she is, staring at me begging to be let out to run.

    My question is what is a vert? To follow that, how does it differ from the LX and such. Again, sorry for sounding like a dumbass but one has to start learning somewhere. Class is in session.

  15. Don't feel stupid like you said you've got to start somewhere. When they say vert they mean convertible(retractable top). As far as a LX, and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it would basically be a GT without the options such as fog lamps, leather seating, power windows, but it would still have a V8 engine.
  16. Depends on how you define LX, different years meant different options. In the Fox body days, LX could mean 4 cylinder or 8 cylinder. In the current discussion, as it relates to 2005, I think people would like LX to mean V6 body, options, interior, etc, and a V8 drivetrain.


  17. We're too lazy to say convertible, so we say Vert, lol. :)
  18. USAF- In the fox bodies, the 5.0 LXs were greatly respected because it was in a light, no options 4 cylinder body with the 5.0 GT drivetrain. Basically a GT without several hundred pounds of junk, meaning they were rediculously fast. From what I've heard, a few of them hit 13s stock. Which was really, really fast for a N/A car in the 80s.

    So people are hoping that a similar car will happen with the new car... IE a light v6 car with no extra weight with a V8 skin. But it won't happen unless Ford only drops the price a few grand off the GT so they are making the same amount of profit on both a GT and an LX.
  19. Sad, what you're describing is what a Mustang should be, IMHO. If only Ford would just give us the option. A lighter V8 version is what I'd prefer but I'll be surprised if this is the variant to be shown at Chicago. I expect initial demand for the '05 Mustang to be high so there probably isn't a lot of incentive for Ford to offer a V8 version without a lot of profit increasing add-ons. You want a V8? Fine, you can buy the GT and all the stuff that comes with it, whether you want it or not. That's my guess as to what the Ford beancounters are thinking.

    The foglights would be first on my list of things to delete from another V8 version. I prefer a cleaner looking 'Stang. Just my preference. And do you really need power windows and locks for a two door car?
  20. Ford will make whatever people will buy in enough quantity to justify the production. If there are only 500 people willing to pay for a stripped down V8, then I would be very surprised to see them produce it. They are a business, pure and simple, and they will focus their effors on what will sell best (as any good business does).